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SURF SHOP SUELTALABARRA was born after the repercussion that the instagram page @sueltalabarra is creating, a page created in April 2020 in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, with the mere intention of entertaining the confined surfing community, specifically kitesurfers (Kiters ), by increasing the number of followers and therefore the number of visits, comments and interaction, I decided to set up an online surf shop, with the intention of providing even more service from the brand created @sueltalabarra and betting on casual, fun and inside clothes. surfer style.

Instagram profile with +32,000 followers, +15,000 likes per week, +300,000 impressions per week, +2,000 visits to the profile per week, which currently translates into +50 daily visits to the online store, increasing publications on other social networks such as TIKTOK, Twitter, Tmbr, OK.ru, Facebook and YouTube, with these numbers it sure can work, thanks to the entire surfing community THANK YOU, MERCIE, DANKE, THANKS, OBLIGATED“.

Months go by and the need arises to expand merchandising with accessories for surfers, following the line of the project related to kitesurfing, the project has just been born but it is growing very fast, I will continue betting on @sueltalabarra and I am working on it every day, looking for new products, partners and suppliers related to surfing and offering the best products.

SUELTALABARRA currently offers among its products casual clothing, accessories and complements with its own design.

A shop in tune with kitesurfing where you can also find promotions related to the world of surfing.

Sueltalabarra already has a selection of merchandising with products designed exclusively by @sueltalabarra and for the more than 32,000 fans echoing around the world.

What will happen in the future? The Sueltalabarra brand does not stop growing and with you pushing for it to continue like this I will be incorporating novelties, collaborations, new brands and those who want to open their market in this growing project.

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Alex Jury
Web: www.sueltalabarra.com
email: info@sueltalabarra.com
WhatsApp: +34 637777765
Zaragoza SPAIN