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The Wingfoil Spain Series (WFSS) is a national wing foil circuit that takes place in Spain. This competition brings together sailors of different levels and is divided into three categories: Balearia Open Pro, WetSuitCare Open Advanced and Levitaz Open Amateur. Each category has its own characteristics and requirements, allowing athletes with different levels of skill and experience to participate.

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In the Balearia Open Pro category, the highest level sailors compete, those who master wing foil maneuvers. In this category, the use of any type of board, wing and sail is allowed, and you compete in downwind slalom and triangle courses. Participants demonstrate their dexterity and ability in challenging conditions, putting their technique and speed to the test.
The WetSuitCare Open Advanced category is designed for those sailors who have a good command of the wing foil and are beginning to control gybes. In this category the material allowed is limited and you compete in simpler routes. Participants can show their progression and improve their skills as they compete in a competitive yet accessible environment.
Finally, the Levitaz Open Amateur category is intended for amateurs who are taking their first steps on the wing foil. Only the use of initiation material is allowed and you compete in a "One Way" course. This category provides the opportunity for beginners to experience the thrill of competition and improve their skills in a friendly environment.
The WFSS circuit consists of several stops in different places in Spain. The first stop is made in the Bay of Portmany, followed by Denia, Mallorca and Tarifa. In Denia, Mallorca and Tarifa, the sailors start the sleeves directly from the beach, regardless of the wind conditions. However, in the Bay of Portmany, the competitors embark on a ferry with their equipment and move to the ideal area for carrying out the tests. This area is usually Cala Bassa or the islets of Poniente, among other places.
At each stop on the circuit, competitors are faced with unique challenges and demonstrate their skills in variable conditions. The competition takes place in an exciting and energetic atmosphere, where sailors compete for the top spots in their respective categories.
In this latest edition and stop of the Ibiza Wing Foil Series, the sailors enjoyed a spectacular day with gusty winds and an East component, which allowed them to make the most of the competition. Participants in the pro and advance categories competed in a total of six tests, while those in the amateur category competed in three.
In the pro category, Julián López leads the classification, followed by Miguel Ángel Llodrá and Ángel Candel. In the advance category, Marcos Colomar from Ibiza is in first place, followed by Leo Kleine-Brock Hoff in second place and Daniel Alarcón in third position. In the amateur category, the sports director of the Club Nàutic Sant Antoni, Enrique Mas, is in first place, followed by Ibán Álvarez and Paco Fernández.
After a Sunday without wind, the God Aeolus left the islands but not before leaving the provisional winners of Saturday as winners of this second stop on the circuit, the 3 winners comment on their experiences in this second test of the Wingfoil Spain Series national circuit:
Amateur Category Winner:
"Hello everyone, I'm Enrique. What a fantastic day we've had! We did six tests in total, both the professionals and the other participants. The wind conditions were phenomenal, between 10 and 17 gusty knots. Fortunately, we were able to carry out everything as planned. I am very happy to have led the amateur group. I still don't know who is the leader in the Pro category, but the important thing is that everyone is happy and that the regatta went as planned. Thank you all very much. "
Advanced category winner:
"Hi, I'm Marcos. Today we had an exciting race here in San Antonio. The conditions were quite good and I'm very happy with the results."
Pro category winner:
"Hello, I'm Julián. I come from Mallorca and today we had an incredible first day with six tasks. The wind was excellent, between 12 and 20 knots approximately. We really enjoyed the competition with a very competitive fleet, with about 20 sailing in the Pro category and around 30 in total. It was a very challenging and exciting race. We really enjoyed the event."
One of the distinctive characteristics of the competition in the Bay of Portmany is the way in which the regattas are started. Unlike other places where the regattas start directly from the beach, in Portmany the participants get on a ferry with their equipment and move towards the area of ​​the bay that offers the best wind conditions for the competition. The regatta field extends throughout the interior of the bay up to the imaginary line that joins the islet of es Pallaret with Cala Gració. This particularity gives competitors a unique experience and guarantees optimal conditions for practicing wing foiling during the tests.
The WFSS circuit is not limited only to the stop in Ibiza. After the competition in Portmany, the circuit continues in three other prominent locations in Spain. The next stop will take place in Denia on July 1 and 2, followed by Mallorca on July 15 and 16, and finally in Tarifa on September 23 and 24. Each of these stops presents its own characteristics and challenges, guaranteeing a variety of experiences and scenarios for the participants.
In addition to the Wingfoil Spain Series, there are other important events on the wing foil calendar in Spain. One of them is the FKSS 2023 Spanish Championship in Palamós, which will take place from April 14 to 16. This competition is part of the national Formula Kite and kite foil circuit and will take place at the Club Nàutic Costa Brava. Another outstanding event is the FKSS 2023 in Castellón, which will be held from July 7 to 9 at the Eolo Sports Club. These events offer additional opportunities for wing foil enthusiasts and encourage the development and promotion of the sport in Spain.
Wing foiling is an exciting discipline that combines elements of surfing, windsurfing and kitesurfing. It consists of sliding on the water using a board, an inflatable wing and the momentum generated by the wind. The popularity of the wing foil has grown rapidly in recent years due to its accessibility and the feeling of freedom it offers athletes. The WFSS circuit and related events are an excellent opportunity for sailors of all levels to show off their skills, challenge themselves and enjoy the community and camaraderie that surrounds the sport.
The Wingfoil Spain Series (WFSS) is a national wing foil circuit that offers competition and excitement for sailors of different levels. With categories for professionals, advanced and amateurs, the circuit allows the participation of athletes with different levels of skill and experience. Through various stops in prominent places in Spain, participants compete in variable conditions and demonstrate their skills in downwind slalom courses, triangles and easy courses. Portmany Bay is the first stop on the circuit, where competitors travel by ferry to the optimal area for the competition. The following stops take place in Denia, Mallorca and Tarifa, offering different and challenging scenarios.
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