Join the movement for kitesurfing freedom: Join the Pirates Kite Club for Free!

What a great news! The friends of @pirateskiteclub continue their tireless fight so that kitesurfing can be enjoyed on many more beaches and have launched an initiative that allows all kitesurfing lovers to join their club for free and thus give them strength in their negotiations with the authorities.

Joining the club is a great way to support @pirateskiteclub in their fight to get more kitesurfing designated areas and promote safe and responsible practices among participants. As highlighted, if the authorities see that Pirates represents thousands of athletes, they will have a much better chance of achieving their goals, which are also ours.
Club Kitesurf La Loteta, Club Kite Centro and SUELTA LA BARRA have transferred their support to @pirateskiteclub and have encouraged all their members and followers to join the Pirate Clan. It is the group that is moving more and better so that kitesurfing is a free sport and without so many limitations on the beaches.
This is an appeal to all kitesurfing lovers who are tired of the restrictions and limitations that have been placed on them. It's time to take action and come together as a community. Joining the Pirates Kite Club is one way to make a difference and ensure that we can enjoy our passion for kitesurfing without limitations.
No matter where you are from, the club needs your support to break the barriers that have kept us away from our beaches and seas. Together we can make a difference and ensure that kitesurfing continues to grow as a sport around the world.
So, if you are a kitesurfing lover and want to join the Pirates Kite Club, you can find the free registration link on their Instagram profile: @pirateskiteclub. It's time to be a real Pirate and fight for our freedom in the water. Join right now!

Join Pirates Kite Club for free

In the video that Pablo, a lawyer who is helping the Pirates club, has sent us, he has talked about the problem that kiters face in terms of navigation and access to the sea in Spain.

The problem faced by kiters and other aquatic sportsmen lies in the lack of adequate spaces to practice their sports. On most Spanish beaches, the bathing area is delimited and sports boats are not allowed to navigate, which limits the practice of kitesurfing, windsurfing and other water sports.

In addition, the restrictions imposed by the coastal law and the maritime authorities often prevent kiters from navigating in authorized areas. This creates a situation of legal uncertainty that harms aquatic athletes and limits the development of these sports, which we remember are already an Olympic discipline.

What are the solutions that are proposed to solve this problem?

There are several possible solutions, the most important thing is that more spaces are enabled for the practice of water sports. This could be achieved through the creation of specific areas for the practice of kitesurfing and other water sports, or by expanding the existing ones in which the navigation of sports boats is allowed.

In addition, existing legislation and regulations need to be reviewed to ensure that they are clear and accessible to aquatics athletes in this discipline. This would allow kiters and other water sportsmen to know exactly where they can and cannot navigate, which would reduce legal uncertainty and improve safety at sea and on our beaches.

It is important that dialogue between water sportsmen and maritime and political authorities is encouraged to find solutions that satisfy both parties.

There is a certain degree of lack of attention on the part of the authorities, although more and more voices are being raised to demand solutions. It is important that aquatic sportspeople organize and make their voices heard in order to get politicians and authorities to pay attention to this problem and take action to solve it.

Join Pirates Kite Club for free

After several meetings between the representatives of the Pirates Club and the Catalan authorities, I can announce this great step on my blog:
Barcelona City Council has recently approved a proposal presented by the Valents municipal group in the Committee on the Presidency, Citizenship Rights, Participation, Security and Prevention. The proposal seeks to enable a 50-meter beach area for the safe practice of kitesurfing during the months of June to October, without affecting bathers.
The practice of kitesurfing has been increasing in recent years and it is a sport that requires strong winds to be practiced. That is why large and adequate spaces are needed for its practice. In Barcelona, ​​there is currently no specific area for kitesurfing, which has meant that practitioners have to move to other municipalities in the province to practice this sport.
The approval of this proposal by the Barcelona City Council represents a great advance for practitioners of this sport in the city. By setting up a specific area for kitesurfing, athletes will be offered a safe space for their practice, avoiding any type of risk for both them and bathers.
The proposal has had the support of various political parties, such as JxCat, Cs, PP, Valents and a non-attached councilor, while ERC, BComú and PSC have abstained from voting. This shows that the creation of a specific area for kitesurfing is a demand that has the support of different political formations in the city.
It is important to highlight that kitesurfing, like any other sport, must be carried out responsibly and respecting the environment and other beach users. That is why the creation of this specific area also implies the need to carry out awareness and awareness campaigns on the proper use and care of the natural environment.
The approval of this proposal represents a great step forward for kitesurfing practitioners in Barcelona. The authorization of a specific area for their practice during the months of June to October, will allow athletes to practice safely and avoid any type of risk for themselves and for bathers. It is important to continue working on awareness and awareness about caring for the environment and respect for other beach users.

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