A kiteboarder survives a shark attack in Key West

Last Saturday, a 67-year-old kiteboarder suffered a serious shark bite to the leg while practicing his favorite sport in the waters off Key West, Florida. This is Kevin Carlton Scott, an experienced boat captain and kitesurfer who was about six miles from the coast when the shark attacked him.
His wife, Laurie Scott, who was on their boat, heard her husband's screams and helped him on board. He then called 911 and headed to shore, where paramedics applied a tourniquet to his right calf and transported him to the nearest hospital. From there, he was airlifted to another medical facility in Miami-Dade, where he is recovering from his injuries.
According to the police report, the shark that bit Scott could be a bull shark, a species known for its aggressiveness and that usually inhabits shallow, murky waters. It is not known what triggered the attack, but some experts suggest that the shark may have mistaken the foil (the fin that lifts the board above the water) for prey.
This is the fifth major shark bite in the Florida Keys in the last 12 months, raising concern among water sports enthusiasts. However, local authorities say that these are isolated incidents and that the chances of being attacked by a shark are very low.
From the SUELTALABARRA blog, we wish Kevin Carlton Scott a speedy recovery and send him a message of encouragement and solidarity.
We also remind our readers that kitesurfing is a safe and fun sport, as long as safety regulations are respected and the natural environment where it is practiced is taken into account. Sharks are fascinating animals that deserve our respect and protection, and we should not fear or demonize them.

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