Yellow signal 馃煛 changes to green 馃煝 on the Big Air hydrofoil and surfboard FARE

Is the time! The best kiteboarders on the planet are ready to start the BIG of the Qatar Airways GKA Big Air Kite World Championships circuit, which will be held in Tarifa 2023. But not before having the special guest Don Eolo, according to the organization, they will give a first yellow signal 馃煛 of 72h to draw the attention of the riders, after this there will be a second signal of 48h in green 馃煝, a sign that the long-awaited wind will be guaranteed, to start the tests of the different Twin-Tip, Surfboard and Hydrofoil disciplines .

馃搮 Event window: May 26 to June 16

馃搷 Location: Spa, Tarifa

馃煛 Yellow light: 72h before

馃煝Green light: 48h before

In my opinion it is still early to guarantee a window of wind to launch the different Big Air, or at least the TWINTIP, I leave you the Windguru forecast, where it is expected that a little wind will enter to be able to train Thursday and Friday without passing the 20ktns, pay attention to the hydrofoil fleet because they can jump very high with the highest speeds they generate in this modality, but the best is yet to come next week from Saturday the 10th, exceeding 30ktns, if you want to know more applications of wind and some tips, go through the article APPs wind predictions.

Last update May 30 at 5:00 p.m. Green light 馃煝 48h

Get ready as we call the GREEN light to race the men's and women's Hydrofoil and Surfboard divisions on Friday June 2nd!

Don't forget you can follow all the action live 馃憠馃徏

Let's go 馃敟

Results and video summary:

Qatar Airways GKA Big Air World Championships Tarifa 2023 Discipline: Big Air Hydrofoil.

馃弳Congratulations to our Hydrofoil Big Air champions!

1st @charlesbrodel

2nd @jamie_overbeek

3rd @joselito.del.rosario

4th @maximeluan

馃弳Congratulations to our female winners Surfboard Big Air champions!

1st @camille_losserand

2nd @capucine_delannoy

3rd @mikaili_sol

4th @sgardellobarbara

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Video by 馃帴 @julien_leleu

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