KFK demo summary at La Loteta Cierzo Festival. :)

KFK demo summary at La Loteta Cierzo Festival. :)

A big round of applause and thanks for the great effort to my manufacturers. They have worked tirelessly to get here. Despite the low, gusty and weak wind, we were able to test and demo different foil kites with different characteristics. Once again, we show that KFK is not an impediment for light wind at all, but a great help for sudden drops in wind.

We answered many questions and there was an exchange of information.. . :)

An interesting and significant moment for the general public was when I went sailing without installing the kit on my foil kite (18m), from the prestigious brand known to all, ideal for these winds.

After a long time, enjoying the virtues of said foil kite, the wind dropped to zero.

I didn't worry, there were two rescue boats. ;)

Without a rescue boat, this situation can become a serious problem. The vast majority of us train without support and far from the shore, many on the high seas.

KFK modules installed on different foil kites:

1-En Air intake and opening on extrados with grid.

2-With zipper on extrados without grid.

3-Open air intake with sock without mesh.


The KFK module, in the aforementioned variants, is advantageous for all foil kites:

New, used, different brands and models.

For all pilots:

Beginner - intermediate - advanced

KFK in and for all those who prefer more SECURITY, FLOATATION and STABILITY.

assembly video

More information at KitFoilKite

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