Results GKA big air Tarifa 🇪🇦 twintip and surfboard.

The competition is being a tough battle on the beach of Tarifa, the competition ends today Tuesday June 6 with the strongest day, what the wind refers to with gusts of 35knts in the morning and 40knts in the afternoon, jumps that They exceed 19 meters in height (Giel Vlugt) 97 meters in distance and speeds of 85 km/h according to the data from the SURFR app in real time that the GKA on YouTube has published during the tests.

In the women's heats, in hits by three riders who competed with seven jumps and the best three scores were taken into account. Dutchman Zara Hoogeenraad demonstrated her dominance in her heat, earning a total score of 17.87. For her part, the Swedish Nathalie Lambrecht performed even better in her heat, achieving a score of 18.20, which included an outstanding kite loop with a score of 6.47. Mikaili Sol scored a great 6.83 for a kite loop front roll, but it was Angely Bouillot who really gave a Big Air masterclass to score a score of 20.23 that included a 7.63 kite loop back roll board off. Closing a day that was extended with the masculine until the sun gate.

The girls, early risers and first to finish the women's twintip final in this morning competition day, where barely an audience of 50 people followed the event on the beach of Balneario. As we well know the results of each round do not count for the final and the score runs from scratch again, this is where Mikaili Sol stands out with the highest sum of the 4 finalists who gave the following results:

Congratulations to the twintip winners!
1st @mikaili_sol
2nd @nathalie_lambrecht
3rd @zarahoogenraad
4th @angelybouillot
Today the boys have continued leaving great riders in the qualifications and going to the next qualifying rounds the talented kitesurfers Liam Whaley from Spain 🇪🇦 and Andrea Principi from Italy 🇮🇹 who starred in exciting clashes in the men's Big Air Twintip of the Qatar Airways World Championship GKA Big Air Tarifa 🇪🇦 Spain. As leaders in the classification, both demonstrated exceptional control and perfect execution, accumulating high scores in their heats and making it clear to their rivals that they were ready to fight without truce on the beaches of Balneario de Tarifa.
Direct from the penultimate day, with the female and male twintip classifications.
And finally the long-awaited classification for the male twintip final, with the best Big Air riders in the world, although the maneuvers they perform are also valued by the judges, this Big Air modality seeks the best jump combination of height, distance and maneuver done.
The beach of Balneario TARIFA now looks like a world final, with posts at all accessible points, as well as the jetty/bridge that gives access to the Island.
The competition does not give rest, the male twintip and surfboard hits pass with a half day full of spectacular jumps and maneuvers, TV on the GKA Youtube channel, after-dinner and the sofa, although it is nothing like cycling naps 🚴 🚴🚴🚴🚴🚴🚴🚴.
Problems occur in both disciplines with Lorenzo Casati's Cabrinha on Surfboard, doing what we call a bat, the kite turns between the lines looking like the wings of a bat, this error left him out of points passing the Kiko Roig round , in the words of Kiko "It's the best moment of my life, the conditions are crazy and now I'm going to the grand finale". And similar happened with Noah Nicolas's La Duotone in twintip, in Noah's case he was able to recover the kite by only having one side caught with the line, passing the round with a spectacular Double Loop.
Andrea Príncipi and Giel Vlugt do their homework, Lian Whaley changes kite in one of the best battles of the day, his battle partner Cohan Van Duk surpasses him with 97 tenths, the battles with two riders in the water give a better show for the public that now they do approach Balneario spot RATE 🇪🇦.
At the final of the GKA Big Air Tarifa Surfboard Men, 3 Spaniards and an Australian arrived, it's not a joke 😂, James Carew demonstrated with his experience that in the finals you have to be right, the scores of his rivals were far away, there was only one rival Marc Garriga, the Catalan and resident of the city, one more Tarifeño will have the well-deserved second place.
Congratulations to the Surfboard winners.
1st @jamesscarew
2nd @2muchsend
3rd @kiketroigtorres
4th @keanumerten
James Carew was unfortunately injured in the final and is receiving medical attention.
Lastly, and to end the most important competition in the world, Qatar Alirways Big Air Twintip Tarifa, with such close results that in the final itself we find a tie in terms of score, Andrea Príncipi and Coah Van Duk with 25.57 points, first place. the organization gives it to Andrea. In third place Lorenzo Casati and lastly fourth place Giel Vlugt.
Congratulations to the twintip winners.
1st @andrea_principio4
2nd @cohan_vandijk
3rd @lorenzo.casatio5
4th @gielvlugt
The Qatar Airways GKA Kite World Tour ends in Tarifa with an exciting Big Air event!

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