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Big Air world title winners in Tarifa

The talented Camille Losserand, hailing from Switzerland, was the architect of an amazing victory when she was crowned world champion in the Surfing category at the Qatar Airways GKA Big Air Kite World Championships in Tarifa, Spain.
Losserand edged out reigning world champion Capucine Delannoy of France with a stunning performance that left her well ahead of her rivals in the four-way final on a day of challenging conditions. Those who were in the Youtube high school know how weak the wind was.
"At the beginning there wasn't much wind, but for the finals it was fine," Camille said. "So I got to do my tricks, even a new trick, so I'm super excited. It feels amazing. I couldn't be more excited. I'm super happy to be here with my family. They really motivated me. Awesome."
For his part, Frenchman Charles Brodel demonstrated his complete mastery of the discipline of Hydrofoil Big Air by winning his second consecutive title at the opening of the world championships.
Brodel had already won the Hydrofoil contest at the first Qatar Airways GKA Big Air Kite World Championships last year, which also took place on the beach of Balneario de Tarifa. Brodel left all his competitors behind with his spectacular jumps in the air and maneuvers on the board. This is his fourth world title in Hydrofoil.
Only the young Dutchman Jamie Overbeek came close to challenging the Frenchman. The 17-year-old Overbeek lost out in the thrilling four-man final by just over a point to take second place on the podium for the second year in a row.
The start of the Qatar Airways GKA Big Air Kite World Championships, which will also feature the Twin-Tip modality, has been a challenge for the event organizers, since the Levante winds, which are usually constant, have been largely absent. measured lately.
After a week into the three week competition window, the wind forecast finally looked good enough to get the Surfboard and Hydrofoil Big Air competitions started. The 20 knots of easterly wind that greeted the riders at the start of the first day were ideal for the eight-man Hydrofoil fleet, who were the first to give us spectacular images with a live show with some image and audio errors.
Both Brodel and Overbeek moved smoothly through the competition, carefully building high scores in their heats in ways that few of their rivals could match.
Overbeek quickly disposed of Hunter Becker (USA), performing a huge counter loop front roll board off jump that earned him a score of 7.26 out of 10 and secured the win.
His compatriot Joppe van de Poll was no match for Overbeek either, who, like most other athletes, would jump over 20 meters high even in light breezes. The teenager's finishing blow was a jump called the "kiteloop slim chance" that gave him a score of 8.54, taking him to the final.
In the Hydrofoil Big Air category, Charles Brodel once again demonstrated why he is considered one of the best in this discipline. His high and powerful jumps combined with excellent technique on the board gave him a clear advantage over his opponents. Brodel displayed a variety of tricks, including a "megaloop" that wowed everyone present.
Jamie Overbeek, the young Dutchman, also made his mark in the Hydrofoil competition. Despite narrowly losing to Brodel in the final, his performance was admirable. His bravery and skill in the air led him to pull off incredible stunts, including a kite loop handle pass that earned him a high score.
On the other hand, in the women's Surfboard competition, Camille Losserand showed her ability from the start. He performed impressive tricks and maneuvers in the air, combined with a fluid and graceful style in the water. His dominance in the waves left viewers breathless and allowed him to earn high scores in each of his performances.
In the final, Losserand faced some strong competition, including defending champion Capucine Delannoy. However, the Swiss was not intimidated and showed incredible consistency in her tricks. His standout performance was a "front loop board off" followed by a "kiteloop handle pass" that impressed the judges and audience alike.
As the competition progressed, the winds intensified, providing more favorable conditions for the riders. The jumps became bigger and riskier, and the competitors made the most of the opportunity to show off their prowess in the air.
With her victory at the Qatar Airways GKA Big Air Kite World Championships, Camille Losserand becomes the new Surfboard World Champion. Her outstanding performance and exceptional skill position her as one of the favorites for future competitions.
For his part, Charles Brodel consolidates his dominance in the discipline of Hydrofoil Big Air by obtaining his second consecutive title. His aggressive style and his technical mastery make him a benchmark in this modality.
Qatar Airways GKA Big Air Kite World Championships 2023:
Big Air Hydrofoil
1 Charles Brodel (FRA)
2 Jamie Overbeek (NED)
3 Joselito del Rosario (SUN)
4 Alex Soto (SUN)
Women's Big Air Surfboard
1 Camille Losserand (SUI)
2 Capucine Delannoy (FRA)
3 Mikaili Sol (USA)
4 Barbara Sgardello (ITA)
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