Kitesurf hangtime records: Reno Romeu vs Carlos Aldaravi and the future of extreme jumps in the air.

Kitesurfing is an extreme sport that is gaining more and more followers around the world. And one of the most impressive aspects of the sport is hangtime jumps, in which kitesurfers rise above the water and stay in the air for as long as possible.

Two of the most impressive hangtime jumps in kitesurfing history were made by Reno Romeu in Alaska, clocking in at 58 seconds, and by Carlos Aldaravi in ​​Tarifa, clocking in at 53 seconds. In both cases, these athletes achieved an impressive feat that left everyone speechless.
In this article he did not name the brands of materials used or the force of the wind, as well as many data that may favor one or another rider.
Without a doubt, the quality of the materials used for kitesurfing has evolved significantly in recent years, allowing athletes to reach new heights in their sessions and which are reflected in the cameras of @sueltalabarra followers. Today's kites are more efficient and safer, allowing athletes to focus more on their technique and skills, rather than worrying about equipment.
It is difficult to predict who will be the next kiteboarder to break the hangtime record as it requires a combination of skill, technique, ideal weather conditions and of course a bit of luck when we start the jump, it has happened to all of us that the gust of wind is strong and ascending favors us. What is certain is that there will be more athletes willing to accept the challenge and exceed the current limits.
The important thing to remember is that although hangtime records are impressive and exciting to watch, safety should always be the number one priority for kitesurfers. Athletes must be properly trained, use the appropriate equipment and follow the recommended safety measures to prevent injuries and accidents.
Kitesurfing is a sport that is constantly evolving and improving, and hangtime records are just a sample of the feats athletes can achieve. In time, we're likely to see even more impressive jumps, and perhaps even a minute-plus jump in the air. Do not hesitate to send it to SUELTALABARRA so that all the followers on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and TIKTOK can enjoy with these great athletes of a minority sport, but one that is practiced all over the world.
What is clear is that kitesurfing is an exciting and spectacular sport that will always leave us speechless. GOOD WIND!
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