My name is Alejandro, born in Malaga in 1977 and since I arrived in Zaragoza in 1990 they called me Alex. One more hand enjoying the environment that Aragon has for all the sports that I practice, from skiing in the Pyrenees to kitesurfing in La Loteta, a land full of possibilities for 365 days, hence my nickname @alex365sport

I spend my free time doing sports, with family or friends, social networks are another of my entertainment, my profile @alex365sport dedicated to the sports I practice, is my showcase to the world. I practice a wide variety of sports, the one I dedicate my time to most is kitesurfing. Member of Team BEST KITEBARDING.

Dedicating a little time a day I have managed to have one of the best-known pages of world kitesurfing @sueltalabarra, every month more than 26,000 followers want to see the videos that they themselves send me, and here is another of my entertainment, editing the videos for the fun of the surfers who follow the account. In addition to the creation of an online store with merchandising from the page itself www sueltalabarra.com where surfer fashion is latent in all creations.

I characterize myself for giving my time to others, helping is rewarding, I'm sure I can help you too.

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