Why do we say DROP THE BAR in kitesurfing?

“Drop the bar” is a term commonly used in kiteboarding that means letting go of the bar controls to get rid of the kite. This is an important technique to avoid accidents and damage, and is done in an emergency or when control of the kite is lost.

The “drop the bar” technique is recommended to be learned early on when learning to kiteboard, and should be practiced frequently to be prepared in case of an emergency. To perform this technique, the kiteboarder simply lets go of the bar controls, allowing the kite to disengage and drop into the water. Once the kite is in the water, it can be retrieved and controlled again.
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It is important to note that dropping the bar is not always the safest solution in all situations, so it is important to be aware of and practice other kiteboarding safety techniques. In addition, it is always advisable to wear appropriate safety equipment such as a helmet, or flotation vest, and to practice with a partner or an experienced instructor.
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