Pablo Mantilla: the Cuban who crossed the Straits of Florida in kitesurfing and will now be the protagonist of a Netflix movie

Pablo Mantilla, a 23-year-old Cuban, became famous in May 2022 after successfully kiteboarding from Varadero, Cuba to Florida, USA. He accomplished this feat in a single kiteboarding session, covering a distance of 90 miles through the dangerous Florida Straits in just six and a half hours.

The Mantilla trip was not only physically challenging, but also incredibly dangerous due to the possible presence of sharks, strong currents, and rough weather conditions. However, he used his kiteboarding skills and knowledge to his advantage, taking advantage of strong southeasterly winds and dust from the Sahara to avoid detection by maritime authorities.

Upon arriving in Florida, Mantilla was detained by immigration officials and sent to a detention center in Broward County. He spent almost 20 days there, including a quarantine period due to COVID-19 protocols. However, he was finally released on June 9 and reunited with his kiteboarding gear, which a friend had safely stored.

Mantilla's story has captured media attention and there are rumors that his incredible journey could become the subject of a Netflix movie. Mantilla himself hopes to stay in the United States and build a new life there.

Mantilla's story is a testament to the human spirit and the power of determination. Despite the many obstacles he faced, he was able to achieve his dream through hard work, skill and a deep passion for kiteboarding. His journey has inspired many and will continue to do so for many years to come.

Pablo Mantilla has managed to capture the world's attention thanks to his incredible kiteboarding journey from Varadero, Cuba, to Florida, USA. Now, it looks like his story could be made into a Netflix movie.

According to CubitaNOW, Mantilla is working on a project to tell his story in an English-language film with big-time actors and a Hollywood producer who works for Netflix. Although the project has not been officially confirmed nor has the name of the producer or actors been revealed, many Mantilla fans are eagerly awaiting the film.

Although Mantilla is not known for his acting, he has had some on-screen appearances in the video clip for the song 'Cuba Primero' by La Diosa and Lenier Mesa. Mantilla is comfortable on camera and has an engaging personality that could translate well to the big screen.

Mantilla's story has all the makings of a great movie: an incredible and dangerous journey, the determination and courage of a young man seeking a better life, and the drama of being detained by US immigration authorities. it could also give a unique perspective on the political and social situation in Cuba, which would surely attract the attention of many viewers.

Mantilla has managed to capture the hearts of the public with his kiteboarding feat and his story of determination and courage. Now, it looks like her story could reach an even bigger audience in the form of a Netflix movie. It will be interesting to see how this project pans out and whether Mantilla can become a star on the big screen.

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