Nuno "STRU" Figueiredo: the man behind the kitesurfing world record in Nazaré

My surprise after opening Instagram today and finding a message from Nuno, he has sent me an already edited video with some images of him surfing and eating waves 🤣, so far like all the kiters who send me videos, but the surprise comes when I open his profile to see who he is and where he's from (gossip), and boom:
Nuno "STRU" Figueiredo was born in Porto on March 29, 1977 and has become a legendary figure in kitesurfing. His passion for the sea and surfing took him to new horizons, and after a long career as a surfer, he decided to challenge nature with a kite in hand.
In November 2017, Nuno "STRU" Figueiredo achieved his goal of surfing the biggest wave in the world in kitesurfing at Nazaré, a wave he knows very well. With a record of 19 meters, he has been certified by Guinness World Records and has secured a place in kitesurfing history.
Nuno "STRU" Figueiredo has shown great skill and fearlessness in his kiteboarding career, and his world record is an impressive feat that has captured the attention of many in the kitesurfing community. If you are looking for inspiration to take your kitesurfing skills to the next level, Nuno "STRU" Figueiredo is an excellent source of motivation.
On his Instagram profile @nunostru you can find more kitesurfing content and exciting adventures in the sea, including the video of Nuno "STRU" Figueiredo surfing the giant wave at Nazaré. Follow his example and never stop chasing your dreams.

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