Nia Suardiaz wingfoil champion in New Zealand

Hello! I am Nia Suardiaz, a rider from Cádiz who loves to ride the waves of the world. Recently, I had the honor of being crowned champion in the first event of the Freestyle and Wingfoil slalom world circuit in New Zealand. As a native of Tarifa - although my father Curro always jokes about it - I am very proud to represent my land in competitions.

Since I was very little, I learned to swim and surf from my parents. At the age of 16, I became the absolute Spanish champion in Wingfoil slalom and Freestyle, as well as the junior world champion in both disciplines. In addition, I was also European champion in Rising and World Cup runner-up in both Wingfoil slalom and Freestyle.
This season, I have embarked on a world circuit where I have had an incredible start. I have just returned from New Zealand with gold around my neck having won in Tauranga in both Freestyle and Wingfoil slalom. However, I know that maintaining this level of demand will not be easy. Next Wednesday, I will travel to Cape Verde to continue the tour with the first pure wave event of the year, followed by Leucate (France) in April, where I will once again compete in Freestyle and Slalom.
I know I have a great career ahead of me and I'm excited to see what the future holds for me. My father was a magnificent baseball player, but I have chosen my own path and I am delighted to be able to represent my country and do what I am most passionate about: riding the waves of the world.

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