Testing the new SPS Wing: Stability, style and some improvements.

Hello to all wingfoil lovers! Today I want to share my personal experience with the new 6 meter Wing from SPS. As a fan of paddle surfing and water sports, I had the opportunity to test this incredible wing and I want to present all the details in first person. Throughout this article, I will go over the positives and negatives that I discovered during my testing session. So come along and find out what this wing has to offer!
Positive points:
Stability in the water: The SPS 6m Wing stood out for its stability. During my test session, I was able to balance without any problems, which is crucial for smooth and safe navigation.
Quick inflation: The wing's fill valve proved to be very handy, allowing me to quickly inflate it and be ready to go in no time.
Eye-Catching Appearance & Fabric Quality: The wing features an attractive design with large windows that not only give it a modern look but also provide good visibility. Also, the quality of the fabric used is remarkable, which is important to ensure its long-term durability.
Stiff frame and wingfoil stability: The wing remained rigid in its frame, which provided stability during my wingfoil sessions. In particular, I was able to see how stable it was in downwind conditions.
Additional Gifts: As a bonus, the SPS Wing comes with additional gifts, such as a wrist leash, which demonstrates the company's customer service.
Proper Wind Range: In my experience, the wing has an optimal wind range for riders around 135lbs and a 2000 foil wing. The suggested range is 10knts to 20knts, which is quite versatile and suitable for different conditions.
Improvable points:
Difficulty putting on and securing harness line to boom: During the setup process, I found that correctly putting on and securing to the handles can be a bit tricky. However, with some practice, it is possible to master this aspect.
Fabric loosening and making noise: I've noticed that the fabric on the wing can loosen under certain circumstances, which can create noise during sailing. This could be improved to ensure a quieter experience.
Original bag and plug issues: In my test, the wing plug didn't stay in place properly, when I released the air it shot out and had no grip. However, this can easily be fixed with a rope to prevent it from coming off (see video). Also, folding can be complicated if the original bag is still used, so it is possible to look for more practical storage alternatives.
The new 6 meter Wing from SPS offers a stable and exciting wingfoil experience. Its rigid structure and its stability in the water are highlights that provide confidence to the rider. In addition, its attractive design with large windows and the quality of the fabric used demonstrate SPS's attention to detail.
Although I ran into some challenges setting up and securing the boom, as well as issues with the original plug and bag, these issues can be resolved with some practice and some simple fixes.
Overall, the SPS Wing is an option to consider for those looking for a quality and stable wingfoil. Additional gifts, such as the wrist leash, are an added value that demonstrates the company's concern for satisfying its customers.
On my blog, SUETALABARRA, I always strive to provide honest reviews based on my own experience. I hope this personal review of the SPS 6m Wing has been helpful to those looking to explore the world of wingfoiling.
Always remember to practice safety in the water and follow the manufacturer's instructions to enjoy this exciting activity to the fullest.

https://www.spsurf.com/tienda-sup/paddle-surf/foil/wing/Also SPS:
Wide, balanced and comfortable handles.
Kevlar reinforcements throughout the inflatable curvature to ensure its durability on all terrains.
Two windows to see through the wing. Fundamental aspect for safe browsing.
Three front handles to facilitate maneuvering.
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