The 10 commandments of the kiter

Here are the 10 commandments of kitesurfing! 🏄‍♂️🌊🪁🙌❤️

1 You will always respect and take care of the other kitesurfers in the water.
2 You will love and take care of your kitesurfing equipment above all else.
3 You will never underestimate the force of the wind and the water conditions.
4 You will learn the basic techniques and skills before venturing into greater challenges.
5 You will always pay attention to the weather and tide conditions before you go sailing.
6 You will share your knowledge and help other kitesurfers when they need it.
7 You will never leave garbage or debris on the beach or in the water.
8 You will always carry the safety equipment with you and use it properly.
9 You will abide by local laws and regulations related to kitesurfing.
10 You will enjoy kitesurfing with passion and without risking your safety or that of other kitesurfers.
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  • 1: y en la tierra
    2: respetarás el de los demás
    4: y las normas de navegación
    5 lo uniría con el 3
    10 kitesurfistas, bañistas etc
    Muy buena iniciativa!

    Concha Romero

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