• The National Open and Aragon Kitesurfing and Windsurfing Championship celebrates its 8th edition with athletes from all over Spain.

  • Special emphasis has been placed on safety and hygiene measures, to ensure an event free of Covid-19.

  • The Cierzo Festival consolidates the commitment of adventure tourism in the La Loteta reservoir and the Ribera Alta del Ebro region.

Zaragoza, Monday, September 21, 2020. - We had to wait until September, an unprecedented date in this competition, but the "Cierzo Festival" is finally here.

The Luceni beaches, in the southern spot of La Loteta, will host the largest event in the sector in the north of the peninsula on September 25, 26 and 27, for which winds of over 30 km/h are expected: a "cierzo" ideal for the most spectacular modality of light sailing.

In this eighth edition, the arrival of international level riders is expected, who will compete in the National Open , as well as the best sailors in the area, competing in the Aragon Kitesurfing and Windsurfing Championship . In total, more than 60 participants from 13 autonomous communities: Aragon, Madrid, Catalonia, the Basque Country, Cantabria, Navarra, La Rioja, Castilla La Mancha, Castilla y León, the Valencian Community, Murcia, Galicia and Andalusia.

Priority: the safety of the public and athletes

The most important competition in the north of Spain has found a hole in the calendar, forced by the restrictions of the pandemic. The initial date, scheduled for the month of April, could not be held when the general confinement of the entire population was decreed.

In a season in which dozens of nautical events have been cancelled, the "Cierzo Festival" keeps its appointment thanks to the adoption of a strict safety protocol , which focuses on the health of athletes and the attending public.

The very nature of the Cierzo Festival an outdoor event, in a natural environment and being a sport without physical contact — makes it easier for these security measures to be carried out, and makes it possible for the event to comply with current hygienic and sanitary guarantees .

The competition

The “Cierzo Festival” once again brings together two “twinned” sports: kitesurfing and windsurfing, both with male and female categories. In the kite modality, three tests will be held: slalom (participants will compete in regattas on a speed circuit), freestyle (acrobatics are scored in the air) and big jump (the highest possible altitude is sought in vertical jumps). In windsurfing , there will be a funboard slalom event .

The tests will take place, depending on the intensity of the wind, starting at 11:00 on Saturday the 26th. The slalom test is scheduled to take place that day , leaving the freestyle and big jump tests for Sunday the 27th . Friday is reserved for testing the material of all the major brands that have attended the event.

Much of the success of the "Cierzo Festival" is based on the fact that it is aimed at riders of all levels . Because the main objective is the promotion of this sport, still a minority in inland lands, which is experiencing strong growth in recent years.

This “amateur” orientation does not prevent the most experienced athletes from coming to La Loteta every year. High-level riders will participate in this edition, such as Sebastián Ducos (3rd in the European Under-19 Championship), Sergio Turégano (Spanish TT:r champion in 2017) or Kiko Torres (Spanish strapless champion 2019 ) . They are, by their own merits, the strongest promises of Spanish kitesurfing, a sport that will be Olympic in Paris 2024.

La Loteta: an increasingly popular paradise

Another of the great objectives of the "Cierzo Festival" is to consolidate La Loteta as a first-class tourist destination . With events like this, they want to put a reservoir on the map, and a region, devoted to adventure sports.

And for this the commitment of the institutions is total. The Government of Aragón , Aragón Turismo and Cervezas Ámbar repeat this year as main sponsors.

The Ribera Alta del Ebro Region and the Luceni City Council also continue as the main supporters of the “Cierzo Festival”. A support to which Heraldo de Aragón and the Provincial Council of Zaragoza have joined .

Together they have helped promote an event that wants to value kitesurfing and windsurfing as notable niches in the tourist offer of Aragon . And with the data in hand, this goal is getting closer every day: any windy day (and in this spot there are more than 100 a year), La Loteta is filled with visitors from all over the country.

In this sense, it is worth noting the important role of kitesurfing in the creation of the economy around La Loteta. Currently, four schools teach in the reservoir, and three of them collaborate in the "Cierzo Festival" with the gift of a kitesurfing course in an online raffle: they are the Aragón Viento , La Loteta Sports and Traccionkite schools . All of them have their base of operations on the Luceni beaches.

industry support

Not only the schools, but also the main kitesurfing brands will be present at the "Cierzo Festival". In a year with few events, they have not wanted to miss out on the opportunity to show their range of products to a loyal audience eager for news.

Thus, all the big brands will be in La Loteta: F-One , Manera , Duotone , Ion , Fanatic , La Boutique del Kite , Airush , North , Mystic , Ozone , Eleveight , B3 , Slingshot , Ride Engine and Kold Shapes .

An overwhelming support from a sector that, as they have already recognized in previous editions, finds its most appreciated client in La Loteta: the one who lives kitesurfing with a passion and looks for the best possible material to practice their favorite sport.

Among the collaborators are Glassy Europe , Neoprene Clean , Goorin Bros. , Buscokite , and companies in the area such as Hotel La Imperial, Casa Beltrán and Kahübs from Aragon as supplier of official merchandising.

The organization

For yet another year, the “Cierzo Festival” is organized by the La Loteta Kitesurf Club , which in 2020 has already far exceeded 150 members and has established itself as the main promoter of this sport in northern Spain. The windsurf modality comes from the Zaragoza Windsurf Club , whose experience is essential in the success of the event and which has been betting on the "Cierzo Festival" since its first edition.

The technical and sports support provided by the Aragonese Sailing Federation is also fundamental , which sees the "Cierzo Festival" as the most important event in its extensive calendar of activities.

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