The Kite Park League (KPL) Lo Stagnone, Sicily, ITALY 馃嚠馃嚬

Get excited for the amazing kitesurfing event of the week! From May 20 to 27, 2023, Italy will become the epicenter of kitesurfing with the exciting event KPL Sicily. The competition will take place in the salty waters of Lo Stagnone, on the beautiful island of Sicily.

The Kite Park League (KPL) is excited to host its first event of its kind at Lo Stagnone, a world-class flatwater venue known for its constant breeze, delicious food and welcoming people. There is no doubt that riders around the world are looking forward to this highly anticipated event with great anticipation.
The competition promises to be a first-rate experience for both participants and spectators. The place offers perfect conditions to show the most incredible skills and maneuvers of the riders. If you are a kitesurfing lover, this event is a must!
The event will feature an impressive lineup of elite riders who will compete in different hits throughout the week. Among the participants in this exciting competition, names such as Abel Koppert, Aron Rosslee, Mateo Dorotini, Xander Raith, Ewan Jaspan, Bendek Szente Veres, Maxime Chabloz, Tom Seager, Santi Cisneros, Eric Rienstra, Andrea Ragazzoni, Thijs Muylaert, Gianmaria Cocoluto stand out. , Ramiro Gallart, Nico Gilomen, Alexander Meindl, Tom Bridge, Kjield Eskildsen, Alexander Lewis-Hughes, and Noe Font. These talented riders are ready to show their skills in an epic battle full of ramps, modules, adrenaline and action.
For spectators, this event will provide a unique opportunity to enjoy an exciting front row show. They will be able to witness impressive maneuvers, aerial jumps and tricks that defy gravity as the riders face each other in search of the title.
If you are passionate about kitesurfing, be sure to mark your calendars and clear your schedule for this unforgettable event. Italy awaits you with its beautiful landscapes, its vibrant culture and, most importantly, the incredible show of the KPL Sicily.
So, get ready to witness an event that will take your breath away. KPL Sicily 2023 is ready to take kitesurfing to new heights and give you an experience you won't be able to forget. The best obstacle kitesurfing competition in the world.
This kiteboarding event is part of a three-stop tour that culminates in Brazil this fall. The top ten competitors from Argentina and Sicily will qualify for the Super Final in Brazil, where the tour champion will be crowned. Some competitors will be looking to improve or maintain their position on the tour, but there are also a host of new faces being welcomed to the event, which is sure to mix the results and present new prospects for the podium. International kiteboarding rider like Maxime Chabloz, Tom Bridge and freestyle world champion Gianmaria Coccoluto are making their KPL debut, introducing a new level of competitive mastery.
At KPL Sicily, competitors are rigorously evaluated by our judges, who decide who advances to the next round and who is eliminated. To maintain the prestige and authenticity of the KPL, the analytical expertise of Christophe Tack, chief judge of the KPL Sicily, has been relied on. Together with Christophe, the Spanish wakeboarding champion, Alec Mur, will act as the second judge of the event. Both will work together to unravel the layers of the competition and determine the winners of the event.
The KPL would like to express its sincere thanks to Duotone, ION, Duotone Pro Center Sicily, We Ride Local, Xenon Boards, Oasi Guzzetta and Knotfuture for their support and collaboration on the KPL Sicily. As with any weather-dependent sport, the first day of the event did not have the right conditions, but it allowed the competitors to see the park and plan strategies. During registration, competitors were given the opportunity to vote for their favorite park layout, a unique feature of the KPL's forward-thinking view of competition, where each competitor and their opinion is unequivocally valued. Once the votes are counted, the exact configuration of the park and heat groups will be revealed.
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