Last weekend, one of the most spectacular and extreme kiteboarding competitions was held at Kelly's Cove, Ocean Beach, San Francisco, CA, USA: the KING OF THE COVE, BIG AIR / MEGALOOP COMPETITION. Hosted by @dylankites and @kingofthecove, this event brought together some of the best riders in the world in search of the highest jumps and most radical maneuvers.
KING OF THE COVE is a competition inspired by the famous Red Bull King of the Air¹, which takes place every year in South Africa and is considered the most prestigious event in big air kiteboarding. The goal is to take advantage of high wind and big wave conditions to pull off impressive jumps and megaloops (360 degree spins in the air) with maximum style and control.
The competition took place between April 29 and May 7, but it was on Sunday when the long-awaited final was played, with winds of up to 35 knots (more than 70 km/h) that left the fans who attended to watch speechless. the jumping show
The participants met in elimination rounds of four riders each, where the best two advanced to the next phase. Scoring criteria were based on height, power, limb, technique, and innovation of jumps and megaloops.
The winner of the KING OF THE COVE Premier Division was Dutchman @michiel_schipper, who demonstrated an impressive level of skill and bravery. Second place went to the Argentinian @maximoreutemann, who also made some incredible jumps. The podium was completed by the American @findingflyingnemo, who took bronze with some very risky megaloops.
All three received their trophies and awards, as well as recognition and respect from the entire kiteboarding community. It was a historic competition that will remain etched in the memory of all who lived through it.
If you want to see more images and videos of the KING OF THE COVE, you can follow the Instagram accounts of @dylankites and @kingofthecove.
1st division results KING OF THE COVE
🥇1 @michiel_schipper
🥈2 @maximoreutemann
🥉3 @findingflyingnemo
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Data source @kingofthecove hosted by @dylankites
Video compilation KING OF THE COVE 2023

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