Jett Bradshaw: A Professional Kiter Pushing the Limits of Big Air

In the world of kitesurfing, there are athletes who stand out for their skill, passion and audacity. One of those names that is making his mark is Jett Bradshaw, a young professional kiter of Mauritian descent, who at the age of 21 has managed to conquer the world of kitesurfing with his explosive style and impressive tricks in the Big Air modality. In this exclusive interview for our blog, we will learn more about Jett Bradshaw and his exciting career in kitesurfing.
An Exciting Beginning:
Jett Bradshaw discovered his passion for kitesurfing at the age of 17, during a family vacation in the beautiful Island of Mauritius, Africa. From that moment, he knew that kitesurfing would be his path. His love for adrenaline and excitement led him to dedicate himself fully to this extreme sport, becoming one of the most promising kitesurfers of his generation.
Big Air Specialization:
Jett has specialized in the Big Air modality, where he performs explosive and risky tricks such as Megaloops. His bold style and short line kite handling skills have earned him recognition in the kiteboarding community. His participation in international competitions, such as the Fly to KOTA in Argentina, where he placed third in 2023, demonstrates his skill and determination to reach new heights.
Jett Bradshaw's Motto: "Full Send or No Send":
Jett lives by the motto "Full Send or No Send", which in simple words means that he always gives his best in everything he does. This philosophy is reflected both in his competitive approach and in his constant search for new experiences and challenges in the world of kitesurfing. Jett knows no fear and is willing to take risks to push himself beyond his own limits.
Image in Cuesta del Viento, Fly to KOTA, where he scared the entire audience with an accident, which luckily left him in a scare, and getting on the podium in third place.
Kitesurfing Paradise: The Island of Mauritius:
The Island of Mauritius holds a special place in the heart of Jett Bradshaw. It is his favorite spot to train and the place where he feels in his element. With perfect waves, calm waters and strong winds, Mauritius provides the ideal setting for Jett to hone his technique and explore new tricks. No wonder he considers this island a kiter's paradise.
The Adrenaline Quest:
Jett's passion for kitesurfing goes beyond skill and technique. For him, kitesurfing is a way of life that drives his constant search for adrenaline. Since his childhood days racing motocross races, Jett has found kitesurfing a way to experience intense emotions and discover incredible places around the world. Each kitesurfing session is an opportunity to live on the edge and find happiness in the freedom that this sport provides.
The Balance between Risk and Security:
While Jett Bradshaw is totally into the adrenaline rush and thrill of flying as high as possible, he also recognizes the importance of finding a balance between risk and safety. As a professional athlete, you understand the dangers associated with your sport and take the time to recover from falls and injuries. Although he may seem intrepid and fearless in the water, Jett takes care of himself and makes sure his body and mind are in peak condition before each session.
The Passion for Travel and Cultural Diversity:
One of the things Jett Bradshaw values ​​most about his kitesurfing career is the opportunity to travel and immerse himself in different cultures around the world. Through his sport, he has been fortunate to explore new places, meet fascinating people and experience different ways of life. For him, kitesurfing is a gateway to diversity and cultural exchange, which enriches his perspective and gives him a greater appreciation for the beauty and uniqueness of every corner of the planet.
Kitesurfing and the Free Spirit:
Jett Bradshaw embodies the free spirit that defines kitesurfers. His energy, his passion and his courage make him a true pioneer of this sport. His determination to overcome challenges and his ability to find happiness in every kitesurfing session are inspiring examples for all those looking to live a fulfilling and passionate life.
Jett Bradshaw is much more than a professional kiter. He is passionate about kitesurfing, a seeker of extreme emotions and a lover of travel and cultural diversity. With his bold style in the Big Air, his motto "Full Send or No Send" and his love of adrenaline, Jett has become a leading figure in the world of kitesurfing. Her story inspires all those who want to pursue their dreams and live to the fullest. Let's keep an eye on this young talent as he will surely continue to amaze us with his bravery and skill in the water.
Thanks to North kiteboarding for having him on their team for this article and the latest interview by Valentina Lipani and of course Jett Bradshaw for letting us meet you. Good wind 🤙

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