Incredible weekend at the Lo Delta Kitefestival!

The second year of this event has been a resounding success, with the participation of 65 kitesurfing enthusiasts.
Carlos organizer of Lo Delta Kite Festival informs us first hand:
They have had the presence of four leading brands in kiteboarding: FOne, North, Ozone and Halley. With exhibition and testing of the latest materials on the market.
KaiClothes as an emerging surfing brand, for its collaboration with the recycling of materials and caring for the environment. Standing out for its kite-designed jackets that give it a colorful and aggressive touch, what kiters look for, in addition to its exhibition of wallets and bags that succeed at each event attended by its administrator and designer Israel.
In addition, they had the presence of the outstanding rider Sebastián Ducos from FOne, who took home the Best Trick trophy.
Over the course of this festival, over 500 people came together for two days of pure fun. It all started on Friday night at Ebresurfers beach, where the official presentation of the event and the delivery of lycras took place. The different categories and times of the event were also explained.
On Saturday, the exciting Big Air competitions began in the Junior, Female and Male categories. However, due to time constraints, we had to cancel the competition at mid-morning. But that didn't stop the fun. They continued testing the latest Ombak Kayu balance boards and enjoying a sunny day at the beach, while checking out the latest from the invited brands. Which is something they always appreciate since Riders don't usually have time to go through the stands.
At night, team dinner with more than 80 people, accompanied by music by a DJ until the wee hours of the morning. After all, we had an exciting day ahead of us the next day. On Sunday, at 8 in the morning, we begin with the second and last round of the Junior category and the Best Trick. It was here that Sebastián Ducos took the well-deserved trophy, closely followed by Rubén Luz and the young Lluc, just 7 years old, who impressed everyone by taking the podium.
Before the awards ceremony, raffles were held for gifts and material from the brands mentioned above, as well as others such as Kooi, Kai Clothes and NotonlyECO. Carlos comments: "We had the honor of having the presence of the mayor of Deltebre, Lluís Soler, who personally handed out the prizes to the riders."
The mayor especially congratulated the KiteRebels and Ebresurfers team for their hard work and dedication to promote and develop this sport in the Riumar area.
We would like to thank the town hall, the organizing team, the Red Cross and all the local collaborators and volunteers for their invaluable help at every moment of the event.
Mention that they had the participation of 5 young riders, aged between 7 and 13 years. Oscar Argudo, from Club La Loteta, represented his club with pride. As our objective is to promote this sport among the little ones, the organization decided to award medals to all the young participants, recognizing their passion and effort.
The LoDelta Kitefestival has been a real success thanks to the enthusiasm and dedication of everyone involved.
Carlos: "We are excited so next year we are committed to continue promoting and developing kiteboarding in the Riumar area. We thank all the participants, sponsors, collaborators and spectators who made this incredible weekend full of action and fun possible. .
We can't wait to see you at the next Lo Delta Kitefestival! Stay tuned to our social networks and website to know the dates and details of the next edition. Get ready to live another unforgettable experience in the world of kitesurfing!
Remember, kiteboarding is much more than a sport, it is a passion that unites us, challenges us and fills us with adrenaline. See you in the waves and in the skies.
See you soon riders!

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