GKA big air Tarifa surfboard and hydrofoil: meet the riders who will challenge the wind

Tomorrow, Friday, June 16, and after the green light signal, the GKA World Big Air Championship will be held on the beach of Tarifa, a competition that will bring together 28 of the best riders on the planet in the modalities of surfboard/strapless and hydrofoil. 8 in hydrofoil men, 12 in surfboard men and 7 in surfboard women. These are some of the names that you should watch closely if you want to enjoy the most extreme kiteboarding spectacle:


  • Charles Brodel: 21-year-old Frenchman, favorite to take the hydrofoil world title.

  • Jamie Overbeek: 16-year-old Dutchman, promising youngster with talent and technical skills.

  • Alex Soto: 28-year-old Dominican, versatile veteran with experience in different disciplines.

  • Finn Flugel: 19 year old German, talented and progressive on the hydrofoil.

  • Joselito Del Rosario: 25-year-old Dominican, national hydrofoil champion with an aggressive and original style.

  • Maxime Luan Desjardir: 23-year-old Frenchman, world title contender with a fast and controlled style.

  • Joppe Van De Poll: 18-year-old Dutchman, young talent with a fluid and technical style.

  • Hunter Becker: 22-year-old American, all-around rider who combines speed, height and impressive tricks.


  • Airton Cozzolino: 27-year-old Italian, current strapless freestyle world champion and outstanding in any discipline.

  • Lorenzo Casati: 23-year-old Italian, strapless freestyle world runner-up and strong rival of Cozzolino.

  • Camille Delannoy: 26-year-old French, consistent and technical rider.

  • James Carew: 22-year-old Australian, explosive and spectacular in the strapless freestyle.

  • Keanu Merten: 20-year-old German, young talent with high and spectacular tricks.

  • Matt Maxwell: 21-year-old South African, progressive and innovative in strapless freestyle.

  • Kiko Roig: 24-year-old Spaniard, national champion with a striking and witty style.

  • Noah Nicolas: 19-year-old French, young talent with a technical and elegant style like the Kai Clothes jackets in which he collaborates with his image.

  • Javier Lopez: 23-year-old Spanish, U16 world champion in 2022 with a radical and risky style.

  • Nicola Abadjiev: 25-year-old Bulgarian, experienced and versatile in different disciplines.

  • Leonardo Casati: 14-year-old Italian, promising rider with high and spectacular tricks.

  • Marc Garriga: This 31-year-old Catalan, with a flashy and witty style thanks to his skateboarding skills. Marc is passionate about water sports and board sports in general. Not only is he a great kitesurfer but I also windsurf from the age of 7 to 20. To know him in the competition, look at his table, he is a Halley.


  • Capucine Delannoy: 16-year-old Frenchwoman, current women's strapless freestyle world champion.

  • Camille Losserand: 19-year-old French, world runner-up with a fluid and technical style.

  • Mikaili Sol: 17-year-old Brazilian, explosive and spectacular in the women's strapless freestyle.

  • Kesiane Rodrigues: 18-year-old Brazilian, young talent with high and spectacular tricks in the women's strapless freestyle.

  • Sofia Monti: 20-year-old Italian, runner-up in the world, noted for her precision and variety of tricks in the women's strapless freestyle.

  • Zoe Bazile: 21-year-old French, consistent and technical rider on the women's circuit.

  • Barbara Sgardello: 22-year-old Italian, experienced and versatile in various disciplines, including freestyle and race.

These are just some of the incredible riders that will be present at the GKA Big Air Tarifa competition. You cannot miss this unique show for kiteboarding lovers.

Get ready to witness exciting stunts and amazing tricks! 🤙

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