Fullpower Tarifa 2023 is postponed due to lack of wind

The Instagram page surprised us today with this story:

We regret to inform you that the long-awaited Fullpower Tarifa 2023 event will not take place in its scheduled window of April 25 to May 25 of this year. The organizers have made the decision to postpone the event until the first available window: from September 15 to October 30 of this year.

This news has left fans of the sport devastated as they eagerly awaited to witness the exciting competition. The lack of wind has been the main reason behind this difficult decision, as it is a crucial factor for the development of Fullpower Tarifa.

Throughout the month of waiting, there has been an impressive lack of wind, which has made it impossible to carry out the event on the originally scheduled dates. This unusual weather situation has left athletes, sponsors and supporters with feelings of disappointment and frustration.

In addition, the GKA (Global Kitesports Association) competition is scheduled directly after the scheduled dates for Fullpower Tarifa. This has limited the options for organizers to extend the time window, as they have done in previous years. The closeness of both events has made it difficult to reschedule the competition for a closer date.

Despite the initial disappointment, the organizers are confident that the new scheduled window will provide the ideal conditions to carry out Fullpower Tarifa 2023. The additional months of preparation are expected to allow further improvements and surprises to be implemented, providing an even more exciting experience for all participants and fans.

Fullpower Tarifa lovers will have to wait a little longer to enjoy this show of high intensity and skill in the water. In the meantime, the organizers are hard at work to make sure the postponed event is even more memorable and successful.

Despite this obstacle, the Fullpower Tarifa community is looking forward to the arrival of the new window in September, hoping that the wind will blow strongly and the athletes will be able to demonstrate all their talent and skill in the competitions.

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