Spectacular Wind Festival 2023

Hello to all the followers of SUELTALABARRA! Here I am with another spectacular festival, from our blog, to tell you all the details of the incredible Nayarit Wind Festival 2023 that took place last weekend in the beautiful Banderas Bay, Nayarit, Mexico.

This festival is recognized as the largest kiteboarding event in Mexico and brought together the best exponents of this discipline. It was quite a show!
The 2023 Nayarit Wind Festival is the most important international kiteboarding championship in Latin America and is held every year in Mexico. On this occasion, it was the eleventh edition of the championship, which took place from May 12 to 15 in Nuevo Nayarit.
During the sporting event, we were able to witness the participation of prominent competitors of various nationalities. Among them were Pablo de Aguinaga, Santiago Álvarez and Federico Ashida Jr, who took first, second and third place respectively in the Twintip Junior Long Distance category (18 to 29 years old).
There was a close competition between local and international figures, where the first places in each category were disputed.
In the Men's Big air Twintip (All Ages) category, the winner was Federico Ashida Jr, while Viviana Ashida was crowned in the female category. In the Big air Foil modality (All Ages), the victory went to Jeronimo Abogado.
In the Freestyle Pro New School Children's category (5 to 12 years old Female), first place went to Sofia Finer and Oscarin Peregrina. On the other hand, Anthony Legare took the victory in the Men's Twintip, while Alina Karam stood out in the women's category.
As for the Men's Freestyle Old School Twintip, Harrison Burgos was established as the winner, and in the women's category, Viviana Ashida demonstrated her ability once again.
The sky of the Bay of Banderas was filled with colors and adrenaline with this exciting event, which was enjoyed by thousands of people who attended the 2023 Nayarit Wind Festival throughout the weekend.
Do not miss the summary of this fascinating festival on my SUELTALABARRA Youtube channel. I promise you won't regret it!

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