The GKA Kitesurf World Cup passes through Salinas del Rey COLOMBIA 🇨🇴

The official awards ceremony took place at Playa Salinas del Rey where they celebrated the closing of this second event of the season with the following results:

Results GKA Freestyle- Kite World Cup Colombia 2023:


1st place - @carlosmariobebe

2nd place - @maxime_chabloz

3rd place - @gianmariacoccoluto


1st place - @mikaili_sol

2nd place - @claudialeonkitesurf

3rd place - @nathalie_lambrecht

Big Air Women Exhibition:

1st place - @nathalie_lambrecht

Men's Big Air Exhibition:

1st place - @valgarat

According to data obtained from @gkakiteworldtour

In addition to these sports results, it has been highlighted in many newspapers in Colombia:

The Kitesurf World Cup leaves important economic dividends in the Atlantic

The department of Atlántico has established itself as a new sports tourism destination in the Caribbean Region of Colombia, thanks to the Kitesurf World Cup for the second consecutive year, from March 1 to 5. The event, organized by the Global Kitesurf Association (GKA), has delivered significant economic dividends for the region.
In total, 6,000 visitors registered during the days of the event, of which 3,400 stayed in hotels in the Salinas del Rey and Santa Verónica area. This flow of tourists contributed to having a hotel occupancy of 100%, which generated income for the hotels for an approximate figure of 700 million pesos, distributed between lodging and food. In some cases, the stay of the tourists extended beyond the competition days.
In addition, 450 indirect jobs were created during the event, including additional staff hired by hotels, restaurants, assembly and logistics. The experience zone, within the framework of the World Cup, which had the participation of 12 gastronomic enterprises and seven artisan enterprises, in addition to the Don Tito Farm, achieved sales of close to 100 million pesos.
In total, the event mobilized close to 10,000 million pesos in the region, which demonstrates the positive impact that sports tourism can have on the local economy. The governor of Atlántico, Elsa Noguera, stressed that the success of the event is the result of the effort that everyone in the region is making to consolidate itself as one of the best entertainment destinations in the country and become a must stop for the practice of water sports. .
The completion of the Kitesurf World Cup in the Atlantic has been a success both in terms of sport and economics. The region has established itself as a new sports tourism destination in Colombia, thanks to the joint effort of local authorities and businessmen.
GKA (Global Kitesports Association) makes an estimate of 1.5 million kitesurfers worldwide

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