Cabarete will receive the athletes seeking their qualification for the Pan American Games.

Cabarete beach, located on the north coast of the Dominican Republic, is known for being one of the favorite destinations for lovers of water sports. In particular, kitesurfing has gained a lot of popularity in the area due to the ideal wind and wave conditions.

The Pan-American Formula Kite Championship is a high-level competition in which athletes from different countries of the American continent participate. The event is organized by the Pan American Sailing Federation and the Dominican Sailing Federation, with the aim of fostering the sport and promoting tourism in the region.

In the 2023 edition, the competition acquires even greater importance, since it will serve as a qualifier for the Pan American Games in Santiago de Chile. Athletes who participate in the Pan American Championship will have the opportunity to obtain a place to represent their country in the highest sports competition on the continent.

In addition to the competition itself, the event will also include activities for the whole family. Spectators will be able to enjoy kitesurfing exhibitions, live music and various dining options on the beach of the Villa Taina hotel.

The celebration of the Pan-American Formula Kite Championship in Cabarete is an important achievement for the Dominican Sailing Federation, which has worked hard to position the country as one of the preferred destinations for lovers of water sports. The competition is also an opportunity for local athletes to measure themselves against some of the best in the world and showcase their talents in an international arena.

The support of sponsors such as the Ministry of Tourism, Hotel Villa Taína, Viva Whyndam Resorts, Cemex, Banco BHD, Industrias Aguayo, Carib Wind, Drifter and Agua Gericó demonstrates the commitment of the private sector in the development of sports and tourism in the Republic Dominican.

In summary, the 2023 Pan-American Formula Kite Championship in Cabarete is a unique opportunity to enjoy a high-level sporting event in a spectacular setting. In addition, the competition will also contribute to the promotion of tourism and the economic development of the region.

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