Different types of kites

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In this article I want to talk about the different types of kites that exist on the market, their characteristics and what style of kiteboarding they are most suitable for. The idea of ​​this article is to bring you even closer to everyone around kiteboarding, I hope you like it and give it a like, just kidding, there is no like here, enjoy reading my blog 🤪🤙.

  1. Traction kite: They are the oldest and most classic kites that exist, and are designed to generate traction. They are mainly used for activities such as kitesurfing, snowkiting and buggykiting. They are the easiest to control, but are not suitable for advanced maneuvers. Examples: Peter Lynn Hype, Ozone Ignition.

  2. Inflation kite: This type of kite is made up of several layers of inflatable fabric and is inflated by an air pump to maintain its shape. They are the most popular and used in kitesurfing, due to their easy handling and high efficiency in power generation. Examples: Cabrinha Switchblade, Naish Pivot.

  3. Foil kite: These kites are characterized by having a cell structure with air, similar to that of a paraglider. They are designed to generate a large amount of power with very little wind, making them ideal for hydrofoiling. Examples: Flysurfer Soul, Ozone Chrono.

  4. Kite C: This type of kite is characterized by having a C shape and is mainly used in freestyle, because it offers great power and excellent control in advanced maneuvers. Examples: North Dice, Naish Torch.

  5. Delta kite: Delta kites are known for their triangular shape and for generating a large amount of power in strong winds. They are suitable for activities such as kite landboarding and kite buggy. Examples: Peter Lynn Escape, HQ Beamer.

I hope this summary has helped you understand the different types of kites that exist and their characteristics. I leave you a link to an image gallery where you can see each of these kites in action.

Don't forget to choose the right kite for each style of kiteboarding and enjoy this exciting water sport to the fullest!

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Images Brenko, Goran.

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