Discovering the Kai Clothes Movement with Israel

An interview with Isra from Kai Clothes and his experience collaborating with SUELTA LA BARRA


In the dynamic world of fashion, there is always room for new movements and trends that defy convention and seek to make a difference. This time, we dive into the Kai Movement, led by Isra, co-founder of Kai Clothes. During an entertaining and revealing interview, Isra shares his impressions of the SUELTA LA BARRA advertising service and how it has influenced the success of his brand.

Discovering the Kai Movement and its impact on the kiteboarding industry:

The Kai Movement is much more than a clothing brand specialized in kiteboarding. Isra, together with an anonymous partner, has created a unique proposition that focuses on recycling kites and kite materials, giving them a new life in the form of jackets and other high-quality products. Kai Clothes' artisanal and eco-friendly approach has captured the attention of kiteboarders around the world.

The connection to SUELTA LA BARRA: an effective advertising strategy:

Isra discovered SUELTA LA BARRA's advertising services through social media, where Alex, the founder of SUELTA LA BARRA, was very active promoting brands with his logo. What caught Isra's attention the most about this advertising service was its international reach and its focus on the surfer market, which perfectly matched his niche clientele.

Isra points out that SUELTA LA BARRA differs from other similar products on the market due to its strategic approach and its ability to reach a wide audience. Isra has used SUELTA LA BARRA's advertising service to maximize the visibility of her publications and has seen tangible results when she has received contacts from other countries, demonstrating the positive impact of the collaboration between both brands.

Benefits and recommendations:

Isra points out that he has recommended the SUELTA LA BARRA advertising product to other kiteboarding brands, as he believes they would greatly benefit from this promotional strategy. In addition, Isra comments that SUELTA LA BARRA has gone beyond a simple working relationship, establishing a solid and personal collaboration with his brand. Together, they have managed to increase the visibility of Kai Clothes by including the logo in videos, the website and the vision in the new SUELTA LA BARRA newsletter, sent weekly to riders interested in receiving international kiteboarding news and news.

Isra's lifestyle and her passion for the sea:

Apart from his work at Kai Clothes, Isra has a great passion for diving, a sport that has led him to travel and see different places and has allowed him to connect with marine nature. This passion influences his project, as Isra strives to recycle kiteboarding materials that would otherwise end up in the trash, giving them new life in the form of unique, handmade products. Isra mentions that he has received so many kites to recycle that now he also creates accessories to raise awareness of the brand, expanding its offer and reaching a wider audience. The personalized and careful approach in the manufacture of each item is something that customers value and are willing to support.

Speaking a little more about you Isra, are you hooked on social networks or TV? Isra replies that he watches series, what is your latest series? Isra mentions HBO's Succession.

The relationship with DROP THE BAR and the future of the Kai Movement:

Isra highlights his overall satisfaction in working with Alex and DROP THE BAR. Beyond the positive results in terms of visibility and reach, they have developed a relationship based on trust and mutual respect. Isra is excited about the participation of Kai Clothes in the next event, La Loteta Cierzo Festival, where they will have a tent and display their products. His goal is to bring the Kai Movement to kiteboarding festivals and championships around the world.

Isra mentions that he would like to see improvements in the visibility and content of the SUELTA LA BARRA website, making sure that users easily reach the Kai Clothes page. The current communication between both brands is mainly done through Instagram and WhatsApp, but Isra highlights the importance of video calls and direct contact to further strengthen their relationship and collaboration.

The interview with Isra from Kai Clothes has given us an in-depth look at the Kai Movement and their unique approach to recycling kites and kiteboarding materials. In addition, we have delved into the successful collaboration between Kai Clothes and SUELTA LA BARRA, discovering how SUELTA LA BARRA's advertising service has helped increase Isra's brand visibility and reach a global audience. This association between both brands represents a perfect fusion between the world of kiteboarding and the field of advertising, and promises to continue to reap success in the future.

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This interview ends by showing the new Kai Clothes bag with the SUELTA LA BARRA logo soon available on Alex's website, and with the commitment of both brands to continue collaborating and sharing content on social networks, the Kai Movement and SUELTA LA BARRA they are poised to take the kiteboarding world by storm and make a lasting mark on the fashion industry.

Now after the interview I am going to leave a feedback from KAI CLOTHES with a few good points and others to improve:


Kite Recycling Experience: You have knowledge and experience in the field of kite recycling, giving you a competitive edge in the marketplace.

Collaboration with an SEO company and Community Manager: Your association with an SEO company and a Community Manager gives you support in terms of online marketing and promotion.

Collaboration with SUELTA LA BARRA: It gives you worldwide visibility in the market niche you are looking for and is perfect to accompany you in brand growth.

Product diversification: In addition to kites, you have expanded your product offering with items such as hats, which allows you to attract different customer segments and increase your sales opportunities.

Use of different marketing platforms: You are using various platforms, such as Instagram, TikTok, YouTube and a newsletter, to promote your brand and attract a wider audience.


Increased online visibility: The collaboration with the company SUELTA LA BARRA and the Community Manager offers you the opportunity to improve your SEO positioning in search engines and increase the visibility of your brand online.

Expanding collaborations: You can look for opportunities to collaborate with other brands or projects, such as associations related to the environment, recycling or outdoor sports, which could generate strategic partnerships and reach new customers. I am aware that you are already working with recognized brands such as Bestkiteboarding.

Improving the user experience on your website: You can work on optimizing your website, offering easy navigation, a section dedicated to KAI JACKETS and a smooth shopping experience for customers.


Potential lack of resources: Even though you have a partnership with an SEO company and a Community Manager, it is important to make sure you have enough resources to support the growth of your business, such as additional staff, time, and funding. Although there you also have the support of the network that SUELTA LA BARRA offers you.


Market Competition: You may face significant competition from other brands that are also into recycling kites or similar products. You must be attentive to the strategies of the competition and find ways to differentiate yourself.

Changes in market trends or preferences: Consumer preferences and market trends may change over time, materials may improve or worsen. You must be prepared to adapt and evolve to remain relevant.

Conclusions to improve:

Strategic collaborations: Look for opportunities to collaborate with other brands or influencers in the field of fashion or sports. This can help you increase your brand visibility, generate synergies and attract new customers.

Research new trends: Stay on top of emerging trends in the world of fashion and sports. Explore new materials, styles, or technologies that can differentiate you in the marketplace and attract consumers interested in innovative products.

Like Alex, I see a promising future for Kai Clothes in the next 10 years. I firmly believe in the potential of the brand and in the direction in which it is heading.

Firstly, I see Kai Clothes establishing itself as a leading brand in the kiteboarding fashion industry. Their commitment to quality, innovative design and attention to detail will enable them to stand out and gain recognition in the marketplace. I am convinced that it will be a preferred choice for lovers of fashion and water sports.

Also, I see Kai Clothes expanding its presence globally. As our collaboration and reputation grow, we will have the opportunity to enter new markets and reach customers around the world. Whether through physical stores, strategic collaborations or a strong presence in e-commerce, from SUELTA LA BARRA we will make sure that your garments are available to an ever-wider audience.

In terms of products, I can imagine Kai Clothes diversifying their offer to meet the needs and preferences of our kiters. From high-quality kiteboarding suits for sailing or post-session lounging, to lifestyle apparel and complementary accessories, we'll keep an eye on the latest trends and market demands.

Last but not least, I see Kai Clothes upholding their commitment to sustainability. Environmental awareness is becoming increasingly important in the fashion industry, and they are determined to be a leader in this regard. It uses sustainable materials, responsible production practices, and looks for ways to minimize our impact on the environment. Kai Clothes is and will be recognized as a brand that cares as much about the quality of its products as it does about the planet.

I am excited for the future of Kai Clothes. I am confident that our collaboration, dedication, passion and focus on excellence will lead us to great achievements in the next 10 years. As I consider myself part of the Kai Clothes family, I am committed to working hard to achieve your-our success and together become a reference in the fashion industry.

Join the KAI MOVEMENT enter the web and find out

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Stay tuned for Kai Clothes and DROP THE BAR as they are sure to surprise us with exciting projects and collaborations in the near future! I don't say anything, it starts with GO and ends with RRA.

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