Fly to Red Bull King of the Air in Latin America.

The Cuesta del Viento Big Air is one of the most anticipated events in the world of kiteboarding, and the 2023 edition did not disappoint. The best riders from around the world gathered in San Juan, Argentina, to compete in the only Fly to Red Bull King of the Air competition in Latin America.
The event began on April 3 with the qualifications, which demonstrated a high level of skill among the participants. But it was Saturday when the semifinals arrived, which pitted the following riders: Cisneros against Pérez, Reuteman against Bradshaw and Magno against Gómez. It was a day full of action and excitement, which took the best riders to the grand finale on Sunday.
The final was an impressive spectacle, in which the riders demonstrated their skill and courage. Beto Gómez, from Colombia, took the victory with an outstanding performance, while Santiago Cisneros, from Argentina, came in second place and Jett Bradshaw, from South Africa, in third place. Carlos Magno, from Brazil, was in fourth place, and Maximo Reutemann, from Argentina, in fifth.
The competition was not only a chance for riders to show off their skills, but also a chance for San Juan, Argentina to stand out as a top-tier kiteboarding destination. The city has become a popular destination for kiteboarders due to its warm climate and constant wind.
Furthermore, the event attracted thousands of spectators from all over the world, generating a positive economic impact for the region. Local hotels, restaurants and shops benefited from increased tourism, and the event also helped raise awareness of kiteboarding and its importance as an extreme sport.
The 2023 Cuesta del Viento Big Air was a resounding success, with some of the best riders in the world competing for the title. The event not only demonstrated the high skill level of the participants, but also the beauty of San Juan, Argentina as a kiteboarding destination. The event has undoubtedly left a lasting impression on the kiteboarding community and those who witnessed the competition live.
The classification of the Fly To Kota 2023
Beto Gomez (COL)
Santiago Cisneros (ARG)
Jett Bradshaw (RSA)
Charles the Great (BRA)
Maximo Reutemann (ARG)
John Anderson Perez Torres (COL)
Joaquin Alonso (ARG)
Sergio Hurtado Montero (VEN)
Joaquin Rodriguez (ARG)
Luca Lubiano Rojas (CHI)
Queen Of The Air 2023
Ignacia Rojas (CHI)
Eser Frog (USA)
Aylen Goldberger (ARG)
Melina Gurrito (ARG)
Marcela Di Leone (URU)
Pilar Silva (ARG)
Evelina Guillen (ARG)
Sanne Van Haaster (NED)
Luciana Magi (ARG)
Liege Laurentino (BRA)
Sabina Battaglia (ARG)
Feli Ceballos (ARG)

Curiosities that I tell you 😜

The rider Joaquín Alonso representing the Region was selected to compete directly in the final through the following qualifying video:
Joaquín Alonso, a rider from the Comarca, was selected to compete in the final of the Cuesta del Viento Big Air in San Juan, which is the only kitesurfing event in Latin America that awards points to reach the Fly to Red Bull King of the Air. The competition began on Thursday with preliminary rounds and will be decided on Saturday. The winner of the event will obtain the crown as king of the air and will be able to enter the most important event in the world of kitesurfing, the Red Bull King of the Air in Cape Town, South Africa.
Cuesta del Viento: the paradise of sailing sports in San Juan, Argentina
The beautiful place of San Juan made of mud that attracts with its landscapes and its mystique
San Juan is an Argentine province located in the Cuyo region, known for its imposing natural beauty and for offering various tourist attractions. In this context, a small town has stood out in recent years for its impressive landscapes and its special mystique. This is Cuesta del Viento, a place located 200 kilometers from the city of San Juan, near the pass to Chile Agua Negra, in the town of Rodeo, department of Iglesia.
What makes this place special is the beauty of the environment in which it is located, which has attracted many tourists in search of disconnection and dream landscapes. But also, Cuesta del Viento is a destination that pays homage to a booming sport: sailing sports. Indeed, the force of the wind that blows in the reservoir makes it one of the most outstanding in the world for practicing kitesurfing, windsurfing and other sailing sports.
The reservoir in question is a natural jewel hidden in the landscape of San Juan. It is a mass of bluish-green meltwater, located on the junction of the Río Blanco and the Arroyo Iglesia, where the Jáchal River is born. What surprises visitors is that the reservoir appears to be two different dams during the day. In the early hours of the morning, it wakes up ironed like a mirror, making it perfect for those who enjoy kayaking, SUP or fishing. However, during siestas, when many sleep in summer due to the oppressive heat, the wind begins to blow strongly, a meteorological phenomenon rarely seen in Argentina.
This place is very popular among athletes from all over the world who seek to challenge the waves and the wind in a privileged natural environment. But it is also an ideal destination for those looking for a getaway from the city and want to enjoy a few days of tranquility surrounded by nature. In San Juan, the Cuesta del Viento has become one of the main tourist attractions in the province, thanks to its beauty, its special mystique and the passion that it arouses in those who visit it.
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