The kite season begins in La Loteta: story by @alex365sport

Hello everyone! I am a fan of water sports, especially kiting and Win foil. Today I want to share my start to the season in La Loteta, a reservoir located in the province of Zaragoza (Spain) that is a fantastic place to sail.
This year I have started the season with great enthusiasm. After a long and cold winter, the good temperatures have finally arrived and it's time to get back on the water. In La Loteta there are people who sail all year round, but for cold-suckers like me, summer is the best time.
The summer season in La Loteta can last from April to October, and although there are people who dare to sail even in November, December, January or February, these months can be very cold. With dry or 5mm neoprene. For this reason, it is still necessary to take neoprene now in April, even on the warmest days a 2mm one does not hurt.
I take a wingfoil board, also with a hydrofoil and a surfkite board, so I can do a bit of everything depending on the wind. The first few days of this season have been great, with winds up to 20 knots. But as the wind drops during the day, I have had to adapt to the conditions and take out a large 13 meter kite or a 6 meter Wing, depending on the needs of the moment.
La Loteta is a freshwater reservoir that is filled with water from pumping and decantation from the level, before being discharged into the swamp. The water can reach a temperature of 20 degrees in summer and drop to 10 degrees in winter. For this reason, even on the coldest days, it is necessary to take 5mm neoprene. A 3/4 suit would also do, but I prefer to be well covered.
In La Loteta, safety in the water is maximum, with respect to drifts or waves. But on the coast, the kiter has to be careful, because there may be stones or rocks that can cause injuries. For this reason, it is important to wear a long neoprene suit to protect yourself from scratches and always wear a helmet to avoid blows to the head.
La Loteta is a fantastic place to sail, with strong winds, especially thanks to the Venturi effect, which channels the wind and powers it in the Ebro valley, where the reservoir is located. The most common wind in La Loteta is the north wind, which comes a little from the west, and is channeled through the Moncayo, which makes it a powerful and constant wind.
It has been a wonderful start to the season in La Loteta. Although it is still necessary to wear 5mm neoprene and be well protected, the good temperatures and constant winds make this place a perfect place to practice sports such as wingfoil, kitesurfing and windsurfing. If you haven't visited it yet, I encourage you to do so!

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