Circuit Formula Kite Spain Series 2023

The Formula Kite Spain Series 2023 is here, March at Club Nàutic S'Arenal with the Rooster Sailing FKSS 2023 Mallorca. The national Formula Kite circuit will kick off its sixth edition and it will take place in different places such as Palamós (Catalonia), from April 14 to 16, and Castellón (Valencian Community), from July 7 to 9.
Since the beginnings of this Olympic discipline, the Formula Kite Spain Series are considered the best European circuit of Formula Kite and Kite Foil that is currently held in Europe. In addition, for the second consecutive year the Formula Kite Spain Series will have the Eurosaf seal, to become the best circuit in the world.
The start of the circuit has already begun with the following results: The Frenchman Axel Mazella led from start to finish the Rooster Sailing FKSS 2023 Mallorca, the first round of the sixth season of the Formula Kite Spain Series, finishing with an advantage of eighteen points over Slovakian Toni Vodisek. In the women's category, Lauriane Nolot, also French, managed to maintain the lead and climb to first place on the podium after an intense fight against the American Daniela Moroz in the final day. In addition, the Catalan Bernat Cortés managed to beat the Spanish favorite for the next 2024 Paris Olympics, the Valencian Alejandro Climent, in an official regatta. Despite an incident on the last day that dropped him two positions, Cortés was satisfied with his performance. The Spanish kiteboarder Gisela Pulido had to settle for competing in the silver group and finished in seventh position in the women's category and forty-fourth overall.
Final classifications:
Open Pro category:
1. Axel Mazella (FRA): 12 points
2. Toni Vodisek (SLO): 30 points.
3. Theo de Ramecourt (FRA): 36 points
4. Cameron Maramenides (GRE): 55 points
5. Jannis Maus (GER): 66 points
Up to 77 participants
Women's Open Pro Category:
1. Lauriane Nolot (FRA): 175 points
2. Daniela Moroz (USA): 181 points
3. Newland Poem (FRA): 250 points
4. Annelous Lammerts (NED): 110 points*
5. Jessie Kampman (FRA): 119 points*
*Silver Group
Up to 21 participants
Spanish fleet classification:
-Gold Group:
12. Bernat Cortes: 85 points
13. Alejandro Climent: 88 points
18. Jacobo Espí: 129 points
37. Pau Mesquida: 223 points
-Silver Group:
44. Gisela Pulido: 134 points
48. Carlos Espí: 162 points
55. Pedro Garijo: 221 points
61. Marc González: 244 points
65. Pau Soler: 286 points
68. Pedro Alcantara: 352 points
71. Marcelo Cairo: 383 points
Sources: @borjavellonkitefoiling and

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