Kitesurfing, kiteboarding, wingfoil and kitefoil CHAMPIONSHIPS

There are many kitesurfing, kiteboarding, wingfoiling and kitefoiling championships and competitions around the world, both at the amateur and professional level. Some of the most prominent include:
World Kitesurfing Championship (IKA World Kiteboarding Championships)
European Kitesurfing Championships (European Kiteboarding Championships)
Kiteboarding World Tour League Championship
World Kiteboarding Championships (PKRA World Kiteboarding Championships)
European Kiteboarding Championships (EKWC European Kiteboarding Championships)
Kiteboarding World Tour League Championship
World Wingfoil Championships (IFKO World Wingfoil Championships)
European Wingfoil Championships (EWFC European Wingfoil Championships)
Wingfoil World Tour League Championship
IKA Kitefoil World Championships
European Kitefoil Championships (EKFC European Kitefoil Championships)
Kitefoil World Tour League Championship
These championships attract the best athletes in the world and are an excellent opportunity to see the latest advances and the most innovative techniques in these aquatic disciplines.
Good luck to all the competitors!
DROP THE BAR calendar with all the championships shared by the clubs and organizers.

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