North American Wing Foil Championship qualifying for the 2023 World Beach Games

Puerto Rico will host the North American Wing Foil Championship, an aquatic sport that combines surfing and flying. The event will take place between April 20 and 23 in San Juan and will serve as a qualifier for the 2023 World Beach Games, which will be held in Bali, Indonesia.
The Wing Foil is a type of surfing that uses a board with a hydrofoil and an inflatable sail that allows the athlete to rise above the water and perform aerial maneuvers. It is a young sport that has gained popularity in recent years and is part of the International Wind Sports Organization (IWSA).
The North American Wing Foil Championship will feature the participation of the best athletes in this discipline in the male and female categories. The winners will get their pass to the 2023 World Beach Games, a multi-sport event that brings together more than 100 countries and includes sports such as beach volleyball, beach handball, beach karate and kitesurfing.
Puerto Rico is preparing to receive the competitors and spectators of this spectacular sport that promises to offer a great show in the waters of the Caribbean. The Wing Foil is an opportunity to enjoy nature, sports and adventure on an island full of charm and culture.

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