Argentine Kitesurfing Championship Potrerillos

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First Date Argentine Kitesurf Championship // Slalom Twintip. Potrerillos, Province of Mendoza. Kite & Wing

The championship had the participation of several categories in Kitesurf and Wingfoil, such as Freestyle, Slalom TW, Professional Kite Foil Race, Freestyle and Race. Despite the fact that the wind was not present in the necessary intensity on Saturday, some kitefoil racing was possible. On Sunday, the athletes tried to take advantage of the wind and the competition continued with Freestyle Pro, Master, Women's Kite and Wingfoil. The event included raffles, bonfires and a festive atmosphere. At the end, the awards ceremony was held for all categories.

Congratulations to the competitors who made the podium in the Slalom Twintip category:
1- Rodrigo Wilson Romero
2- Joaquin Mir
3- Gustavo Avila
1- Giuliana Bianchi
2- Christina Hunn
3- Valentina Bianchi
First Date Argentine Kitesurf Championship // Freestyle. Potrerillos, Province of Mendoza.
Congratulations to the competitors who were part of the podium in the Freestyle category:
1- Santiago Cisneros
2- Mariano Cuevas
3- Manuel Osman
1- Giuliana Bianchi
2- Patricia Lucero
3- Adela Guardone
Master +40
1-Luis Bianchi
2- Oski Nievas
3- Dario Penessi
AMATEUR special mention. This category was not run due to lack of wind and the end of the day. Only Lorenzo Carrizo and Facundo Reboredo of 12 kiters remained ready.
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