⚠️🆘 PREVENT NOT TO BE DROWNED 🆘⚠️ "The rule of the Three P's"

⛈️ In the storm of these last days, four people practiced kitesurfing, getting stranded on Lake San Roque.
⛑️ This event occurred for several hours under the hail and rain, boats from the Department of High Risk Units were able to locate and rescue them.
🌊 Water is an excellent means of enjoyment and a place for water sports, but if the necessary precautions are not taken, it can become a dangerous and harmful environment.
Most of the incidents happen while practicing WATER SPORTS
Know the dangers and learn how to act.
When navigating for your safety ALWAYS USE LIFE JACKET.
👨🏼‍🏫 Training yourself and those around you is an excellent start to contribute to the reduction of drowning in our country.
The Three P's rule can also be applied to kitesurfing to help maximize safety in this extreme sport:
Plan : It is important to plan the kitesurfing session in advance. This involves checking wind and weather conditions, choosing a safe location, and knowing local regulations. In addition, it is advisable to establish a navigation plan with a friend or instructor, and agree on an emergency signal in case of need. There are many APPs to know the state of the sea and the weather that I will discuss in a future article of SUELTALABARRA.
Equip : For kitesurfing, proper equipment includes a kite and board, as well as a harness, wetsuit, and life jacket. Safety items such as a helmet and a kite quick release device should also be considered in case of an emergency.
Prepare : Physical preparation is important for kitesurfing, as it requires good balance and coordination. It is also important to have solid swimming skills and know SELF-RESCUE and rescue techniques in case you need to help another kiteboarder in distress.
By following the Three P's rule, kitesurfers can maximize their safety during kitesurfing sessions and minimize the risks of accidents and injuries.
Information taken from the post by @cearucacapacitacionescalamuchita who also gives us an important lesson with this video from ElDoce.tv:
🤔 Do you think 👍 or 👎... Even if they wear flotation equipment? Not retiring in time from the water mirror? Not looking at the weather conditions?

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