Get to know the Subcielo school from the inside

Our mission? May you achieve your goals thanks to our help: that you learn Kitesurf having fun and in the safest way.

We believe that anyone can start this adventure, enjoying the sun, the sea, meeting people, but above all discovering their maximum potential to practice this sport.

Our experience has taught us that, to kitesurf, and above all to enjoy it, You have to learn to do it at your own pace and, above all, have the appropriate training.

More than a sport. A lifestyle

For us Kitesurfing has always been more than just a sport. It's a lifestyle, it's passion. We enjoy it so much that we dedicate ourselves to kiteboarding 356 days a year . For this reason, we transfer, every day, our love for this sport to all our students.

Did you know that kitesurfing has become a fashionable sport? And it is that It is a perfect anti-stress, it allows you to gain speed when making decisions , to meet people with the same interests, and it is one of the easiest water sports to practice once you have completed your kiteboarding instruction.


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