Gisela Pulido: The best Spanish representation in Formula Kite for the Olympics

Gisela Pulido, the talented Catalan athlete, has once again demonstrated her skill in the Formula Kite modality. In the second round of the World Cup, held at the prestigious Allianz Regatta in IJsselmeer, near Amsterdam/Almere (Holland), Pulido stood out as the best Spanish representative, reaching sixth position in the general classification.
Since the beginning of the competition, Gisela Pulido showed an impressive performance by placing second overall in Formula Kite. Throughout the following days, she maintained podium positions, consolidating her position as a serious contender in the discipline. However, on a crucial day to establish the Top10 that would advance to the Final Series, the instability in the wind force and the intense competition caused a change in the classification, leading Pulido to fall to sixth position.
In the first semifinal, played recently, Gisela Pulido achieved an outstanding performance by obtaining third place. This outstanding performance allowed him to stay in sixth position in the general classification. Ultimately, victory in the competition fell to the talented French sailor, Jessie Kampman.
Antonio Minguez, Gisela Pulido's coach, explained that this regatta was part of a planned training block. In addition, he pointed out that Pulido arrived at the competition with considerable accumulated fatigue from the previous two weeks, which affected his performance as the days progressed, even experiencing cramps while competing in the water.
Despite these difficulties, Gisela Pulido remained highly competitive in these challenging conditions. The next challenge for her and her team will be the Marseille Test Event, which will take place from July 7 to 16, which gives them a month of training and unloading their legs. This competition will be essential to familiarize themselves with the Olympic regatta course, since their current objective is to ensure the qualification of Spain in the World Cup in The Hague in August.
Regarding the Spanish sailors who competed in the men's Formula Kite category, Bernat Cortés finished in 18th position, while Alejandro Climent ranked 26th, achieving first position in the Silver group. The French Axel Mazella established himself as the absolute winner of the competition.
Gisela Pulido has once again demonstrated her ability and perseverance in the Formula Kite modality. Her outstanding performance in the World Cup in Holland positions her as the best Spanish representative in this discipline. With his goal of qualifying for Spain in the World Cup in The Hague and his upcoming participation in the Marseille Test Event, Pulido continues to be a promising option to represent Spain in the next Olympic Games.
Axel Mazella commented on his Instagram:
A home win during the French Olympic Week in Hyères, that's great!
I am very proud to have achieved this success in front of the eyes of my loved ones who came to support me ❤️
Big congratulations to my partner @jessiekampman on her third place. Thanks to the trainers @arioune and Bertrand 🫶🏽
Jessie Kampman also commented on her Instagram:
First place in the second World Cup🥇🥳!
What a return! I struggled this week to get good races, which led me to third overall. Then I had to win my semifinal to access the final stages and then get 3 wins in a row to win the event. And, well, it happened 😇
Big congratulations to my teammate @axel_mazella for coming out on top once again 💪🏼 and to @annelous and @poemanewland for dominating the whole week 🔥.
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