Tarifa The wind has its own plans!

Hello kiters, I have bad news and good news, first the bad, then the good and your comments at the bottom of the page 馃

As we already know, the Fullpower Tarifa 2023 will have to wait a little longer before surprising us with its adrenaline spectacle and ability in the water. A lack of wind has led to the cancellation of this exciting event, leaving poker-faced sports fans and organizers with a huge task ahead of them. The dates chosen from September 15 to October 30 of this year.

But all is not lost, dear friends. The organizers have decided to postpone the event and reschedule it for a windier time window. That's right, Fullpower Tarifa will return in September, the dates chosen from September 15 to October 30 of this year.
Now, as we look forward to the arrival of the wild and unbridled wind, the organizers have the opportunity to make improvements and prepare additional surprises to make us laugh, shout and clap even more. There is no doubt that the show will be worth waiting for!
But what can we do in the meantime? Well, if you have an adventurous spirit and are passionate about kitesurfing, there is another event that you can enjoy in Tarifa: why the GKA 'Big Air' World Championship is here. Get ready to be wowed by the best athletes in the world showing off their skills in the air and on the water!
Imagine the waves crashing, the sun shining and the riders defying gravity with their amazing stunts. It is an impressive spectacle that you cannot miss. If you are there, you will be able to witness the competitors soar through the air like birds and glide through the waves with grace and dexterity.
And you know what's best? Tarifa is the perfect place for this type of event! With its privileged location and the magical winds from the east and west, this Andalusian city has become a mecca for kitesurfing and water sports. He is always ready to offer adventure lovers an unforgettable experience.
In this prestigious championship, the best riders in the world meet in three exciting disciplines: twintip, surfboard (formerly known as strapless) and hydrofoil. Each of these disciplines offers its own set of challenges and skills, making the championship a diverse and exciting experience.
The twintip discipline is the best known and widely practiced in kitesurfing. Riders use a special board that offers support to the feet, allowing them to perform incredible maneuvers and spectacular jumps in the air. It's an impressive display of dexterity and control as they defy gravity with every move.
On the other hand, the discipline of surfboarding (strapless) has gained popularity in recent years. Here, the riders navigate on a board similar to surfing without being attached to it. This gives them greater freedom of movement and allows them to perform more fluid and creative maneuvers in the waves. It is a true display of elegance and style on the water.
Finally, we have the hydrofoil discipline, which is the ultimate competition for freestyle lovers. In this discipline, the riders use a board with a special keel that rises above the water thanks to a mast and a wing. This allows them to literally fly over the waves, achieving a sensation of floating in the air as they glide smoothly across the surface of the water. It is a unique and fascinating experience for both the participants and the spectators.
Now, let's talk about the riders who will participate in this exciting championship. There will be more than 50 participants, both men and women, coming from different countries around the world. Among them are true titans of kitesurfing, such as Liam Whaley, Jeremy Burlando, Valent铆n Hoenderop, Kiko Roig, Javier L贸pez, Marc Garriga and many more.
In addition, the winners of the previous edition, Mikaili Sol and Andrea Principi, will be there to defend their titles and show why they are considered the best in their respective disciplines. The competition will be fierce and each rider will seek to outdo himself and leave a mark in the history of kitesurfing. Here you have the official video Men's Twin-Tip Highlights | Qatar Airways GKA Big Air World Championships | Rate 2022
Tarifa, with its impressive wind and wave conditions, is the perfect setting for this world class championship. Spectators will have the opportunity until June 16 to witness the magic of kitesurfing at its best, while riders defy the limits of gravity and water with their skill and courage.
But let's go back to Fullpower Tarifa. It doesn't matter how long we have to wait, because when the date finally arrives, it will be an explosion of fun and excitement. The athletes will launch into the water with all their energy and skills, in an impressive direct or live on YouTube, with the whole world of kiters watching as they demonstrate why they are the best at what they do. And we, the viewers, will be there to cheer them on and enjoy every second.
So, dear friends, don't worry about the lack of wind in Fullpower Tarifa 2023. Soon we will feel its force on our faces again and we will witness an event that will take our breath away. Until then, get your kites ready, stay patient and keep dreaming of the thrills that await us on the horizon.
The wind will blow again and the fun will have no limits in Tarifa!

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