Advice and use of the short security leash.

First I am going to give you an introduction to the two release systems and finally an explanatory video:

The kitesurf bar ejection system is a mechanism that allows the kitesurfer to quickly release the bar from the kite in case he finds himself in a dangerous situation, examples we see daily at @sueltalabarra. When the ejection system is activated, the kite bar separates from the kite and is free for the kiteboarder to let go of and free themselves from the kite's pull. This reduces the risk of the kiteboarder being swept away by the kite in the event of a problem or emergency.

The leash is a rope that is attached to the kiteboarder's harness and the kite. The leash allows the kiteboarder to separate from the kite completely in an emergency. If the kiteboarder needs to break away from the kite they can release the bar with the ejection system and then eject the leash, releasing the kiteboarder from the kite, this should only be done in extreme cases as having the kite in the water close to the kiteboarder can be used float and life preserver. The leash is also useful in situations where the kite falls into the water and needs to be retrieved, for example freestyle or unhooked as it keeps the kite close to the kiteboarder and prevents it from being carried away by wind or currents.
It is important to note that the kitesurf bar ejection system and the leash are safety systems that should be used only in emergency situations. It is important that kiteboarders are well trained and regularly practice using these safety systems. Taking safety courses to do AUTORESCUE ⚠️ is important, all Kitesurfers have problems in some session and require the skill to drop, relaunch or pick up lines on the bar and perform self-rescue.
In the following video you will see a piece of advice that @escolakitesurfrecife and his monitor @yulerobhert have prepared for us, where he explains that having the second release of the leash in the rear can generate greater danger by not having easy access with the arms.
It is also recommended that kitesurfers wear a life jacket and helmet to increase safety while kiteboarding.

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