9 reasons to use the hand pump:

Build muscles in your full body . Squats help build your leg muscles, but they also create an anabolic environment, which promotes muscle building throughout the entire body. Even when done correctly, squats are so intense that they trigger the release of testosterone and growth hormone in the body, which is vital for muscle growth and also helps improve muscle mass when training other areas of your body. body apart from your legs.

You will make daily activities easier, it is a functional exercise. Functional exercises are those that help your body perform the activities of daily living, as opposed to simply exercising with machines. The squat is one of the best functional exercises out there, when you squat, you build muscle and help your muscles work more efficiently. All these benefits translate into a better and more efficient performance of the body in the real world.

Helps burn more fat. One of the most efficient ways to burn calories is currently by gaining more muscle. For every additional 450g of muscle you gain, you will burn an additional 50 to 70 calories per day.

You maintain mobility and balance . Having strong legs is crucial to maintaining mobility as you age, and squats are great for building leg strength. These also work the CORE stabilizing muscles which will help you maintain your balance on your board which helps prevent falls. This is the best way to prevent fractures, rather than taking high doses of calcium supplements and other bone medicines.

Prevents injuries . These also help prevent injury as they improve your flexibility and improve range of motion in your ankles and hips.

Improve your sports performance, you will be able to jump higher and run faster. Whatever you do in life, it's good to know that squatting is tied to athletic ability. Specifically, squatting has helped athletes run faster and jump higher, making it an important part of every professional athlete's training program.

Tone your back, abs and your entire body. Few exercises work as many muscles as the squat while inflating the board, it is a multiple exercise and very useful in toning the buttocks, ABS, and of course, the legs. On the other hand, note how important it is to do squats, that the muscles you use when performing them participate in the regulation of glucose, and lipid metabolism and insulin sensitivity, which helps protect you against obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

Although squats are almost always considered a leg exercise, they also have other benefits throughout your body, including deep within your CORE. These help you improve strength in both parts of your body, upper and lower.

Strengthens triceps: Without a doubt, it is a mistake that almost all of us have made at some time to focus our arm training on the biceps instead of the triceps. The triceps is the largest muscle in the arm and is located on the back, occupying more than 60% of the total volume of the arm. Inflating with a manual pump will prevent your arm from flaccid and with hanging skin.

Overweights are recommended to do 2 to 3 pumping series, two or three times a week.

Co2 emission: last but not least, we take care of the planet because each charge of the electric inflator generates 10g of Co2 and as those of us who practice SUP know well, it is a sport that takes care of the environment, we enjoy nature and we have to take care of it. the environment where we paddle.

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